Israel-Palestine conflict

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Rashid's View on the Israel-Palestine Dispute

Rashid asserts that the Israel-Palestine dispute predates Hamas. When discussing the conflict, the Hamas is constantly brought up because it is believed to be the cause of Israel's purported actions of self-defense. (Shah). The idea that Hamas is to blame for the violence adds to the perception that force cannot be used to start a peaceful process. As has been observed over the years with the Arab-Israeli dispute, the peace is typically fleeting. The Arab-Israeli war not only spans a long time in history, but it has been associated with period of desperate social-economic statuses and despite the formation of the League of Arab Emirates, there is still a huge challenge in resolving the stalemate.

The Origins of the Conflict

When considering the history of the conflict with a focus on the origin, it is noted that the war dates back to as far as the 1800s. Towards the end of thee 1800, there were concerns over the manner in which the Jewish people would survive with the increasing execution in Europe that resulted in the Zionism, a movement that was intended to establish the Jewish homeland (Shah). Later in the period ranging 1920 to 1947, the British had grown their influence over the Palestine with the European geopolitics becoming a menace. The result was instability and when the First World War was imminent, the British managed to convince the Arab leaders to revolt gaunt the Ottoman Empire as they would then be supported in getting an Independent Arab state inclusive of the Palestine. Further complications, however, resulted in the Imperial Britain and France clashing on grounds of the Arab provinces and the divide control of the region resulted hat necessitated the sharing of the spoils of the war.

Conflicts and Complications

Following the end of the Second World War up to 2000, there were varied upheavals and continuing battles. The newly formed United Nations suggested that the Palestine should be partitioned into two states with Jerusalem being internalized. The US support for the Israel State, however, complicated the situation and internal politics resulted in the CATO institute that involved a policy research organization that was focused on individual liberty, free market, and peace (Shah). Later in 1948, the state of Israel was established but the Arabs opposed the partitioning of Palestine considering that Israel was in existence. Palestinians were driven out of the new Israel and settled in Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and other regions. In 1956, Israel, Britain and France invaded the Sinai peninsular following Egypt’s nationalization of the Suez Canal and while Egypt was defeated, the pressure made it necessary to withdraw. Later in 1967, Israeli also attacked Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Attacks between the countries were also reported in the 1970S but after 22 years, Israel opted to withdraw with Ariel Sharon becoming the prime minister in May 2000.

Recent Developments and Challenges

Following the period starting from 2000 to the present, Ariel Sharon visited the Mount Temple that is used as the site for the current protests and violence. Many other visits were made by the prime minister. At the time, the Palestine National Authority was accused of failing to cater for the Palestinians who were without any nation at the time. The frustration, suffering and lack of human rights has since angered may regarding the US/Israeli policies. In 2002, Israel started a large defensive security fence meant to stop terrorists from proceeding to the Israel cities. The feces have however been argued to be going into the Palestinian land and not the Israeli land. In the recent years, frustrations have mounted as the poor Palestinians have found themselves with small land. Numerous resolutions have since been aimed at vetoing all the parties with little success. Targeted assassinations have followed with the Hamas and the Hezbollah being implied with violent retaliations following since (Shah). Since then the mainstream media has capitalized on the propaganda against Islam and the Arab population to warrant the constituted involvement of conflict.

The Role of Organizations in Resolving the Conflict

Considering the current socioeconomic situation in the Arab Israeli conflict, it is worth noting that the tensions and hostilities have since increased with the collapse of peaceful negotiations. The social scene is more tense as before with an apparent increased in violent attacks in both directions that have even included the over access to the Jerusalem religious sites the Temple Mount and Haram al-Sharif is a site of conflict today. The tensions are too high, the risk more widespread, and reports of continues violent conflict looms and political issues that have continued being exhibited in the battles. With the worsening state of relations, the international community has tried seeking an alternative path in trying to find a diplomatic and sustainable solution to the present conflict that does not seem to be taking new turn. The United States Institute of Peace (USIS) is among the frontrunner for the establishment of peace and improving the socio-political situation (United States Institute of Peace).

The League of Arab States

It is also worth considering the League of Arab States that is a sub team focused on researching the present situation of the war and the Jerusalem question. Further issues that have been significant since include the political factors within the league, he likelihood of complexities resulting in religious influences and the associated concerns. The twenty-two independent Arab states that are included in the signing of the Pact of the League of Arab States (Sergie). The multipurpose League of Arab states is focused on promoting the Arab priorities as a whole with the economic and security concerns being the primary of the needs that are to be addressed. Furthermore, the league also seeks to resolve the disputes between member states and members with the unity of the Arab independence being among the key factors prioritized. Overall, it is anticipated that the league will improve the relations and enable the realization of religion, economic, cultural, military, developmental, and political cooperation among the members (The Gale Group).


In conclusion, it is affirmed that the Arab Israeli conflict has been longstanding and since its eruption in the 1800, the conflict has gone to last centuries. The motivation of the war has changed gradually with the key players no longer being involved as seen from the European exclusion from the present state of affair. The major issue of concern is the conflict of boundary, and human rights with the Palestinians being the most advisedly affected. Reconciliatory efforts have suffered huge setbacks as the tensions continue rising and violent eruption increasing. Through the League of Arab States and the United States Institute of Peace, it is expected that an amicable situation will be reached in the future.

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