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This semester's concert fell under the category of a rock concert. In addition, the show's official name was Guns N Roses. Additionally, the event was held on October 6, 2017, at Princeton University in New Jersey. Additionally, there was a performance where two artists were invited to amuse the crowd. In coordination with the school administration, the student representative for entertainment had asked musicians to perform in the university's conference room. Music performed (names of songs, if available) and instruments used.

During the concert, a good number of songs were performed by either the artists who wrote the song or by the bands that perform songs composed and written by other artists. The names of the songs performed were Free World by Lynyrd and Thunderstruck by AC/DC, Imagine by Plastic Ono Band, You Really Got me by The Kinks, Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix, Smells Like Teen Spirit and We will rock you by 1977. Apart from the entertainment of the music, the concert would not have been lively as it was without the use of the instruments. The instruments that were used during the live performance are the Hammond organ, piano, chordal instrument and lead guitar.


Style represented

Every genre of music has a unique style that differentiates it from another. Music enthusiasts would tell from hearing even a single linen of a stanza the genre of music it belongs to. The style of the rock music that was performed in the concert are Arena Rock, Glam Rock, Blues Rock, British Invasion, and the American Trad Rock. The combination of these styles brought diversity and variety into the performance of the various artists in the concert hall. However, the different techniques used in the performance belonged to rock style of music.


What did you notice about melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo, form, texture

and dynamics in the music?

Melody. There were more than two melodies that were independent of each other and all sounded at the same time during the various performance of the artists. Furthermore, the texture that was used by the rock music that were played during the concert is the polyphonic texture. Likewise, the rock music that were played in the concert also had different variations of tone such as the blues progression and the “puff” progression.


Please describe specific musical characteristics of two or three songs.

The musical characteristics of the rock song Free World is as follows. The music had a high tempo that made lightened up the mood of the crowd. Additionally, it also hard monorhythmic music. Similarly, looking deeper into the character of the song, one identifies the use of harmony which manifests itself through the use of arpeggios and chords. There was a simultaneous sound in the notes of the music. The other song Thunderstruck by AC/DC had the characteristic of arpeggios by whereby the notes of the song itself were played in a consecutive manner rather than in a simultaneous way. Further to that, the song also had polyrhythmic music. Also, the tempo of the music was relatively slow.

What was notable about the performance (performer(s)) –good or bad?


The performance of the artists on that night was outstanding. Everyone who was in attendance appeared to be happy and satisfied by not only the music that was played but also by the performance of the artists. They made the crowd jump and shout on top of their voices to celebrate the happy mood that had rented the air. Besides raising the expectations and the mood of the crowd, they also engaged the group by inviting them to sing specific lines of the song’s chorus.

Furthermore, I can also describe the performance as fulfilling. The kind of music that was played and performed at the concert brought musical satisfaction to me. Often times listening to music sooths my soul even when the circumstances around my life are causing displeasure and pain. Therefore, that night did not only emphasize the fact that music reigns supreme in the appeasing of the soul but it also demonstrated that a music concert can be satisfying.

Moreover, I would still opine that the performance was entertaining and to some extent also informative. I had not met some of the artists before I attended the music concert. Therefore, I not only got amused by the entertainment but also got the opportunity to meet and interact with top musicians even on the international front. Besides, satisfaction, I can also attest that the performance was like an eye opener form owing to the fact that I had not attended any concert from the time I was born. It was an eye opener in the sense that it gave me the opportunity to conduct my homework and to base the performance to of any other club that I would visit that I would undertake. Going forward, I would be quite selective on the performance and quality of the music. Not every night out for a concert would be as fun as the one I encountered prior to that. That only serves to show that the concert was magnificent.

Your personal reaction.

I can say that the occasion thrilled me up to the point that I will never forget it anytime soon. When I first entered, the music concert hall, I was greeted by glam and colorful lights that raised my expectation beyond what I had imagined before. I danced to the music the entire night without getting bored or even tired. Furthermore, I can say that I would recommend the music concert to any of my friends. It is the best place to be when one wants to enjoy their night out. Apart from dancing and enjoying the songs, I also appreciated the caliber of people who attended the concert. It gave me the impression that the show is frequented by people who are mature and respectable.

Additionally, when I first arrived into the concert hall, I must admit that I was surprised at first. I never expected that level of politeness from the gentlemen and ladies who were serving the people. The first impression at the door is a warm welcome by a few happy staff who were standing by the door. Immediately I stepped into the concert hall, another group of serving staff came and offered further directions to all the people that had just arrived. Therefore, it was the best concert of my life.

April 13, 2023

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