Jefferson and Hamilton

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Jefferson's Vision

Jefferson's vision was for the United States to continue being an agriculture-based country. He had the idea that the United States needs to guarantee farmers land and encourage them to farm for the sake of the future. He was a keen supporter of continuous farming as a better option for the United States. Jefferson believed that venturing into other fields would kill the American dream of processing food for the world. Being that they farm in one of the most fertile places in the world, it means so much for American farmers to ensure that they retain their native characteristics. On the other hand, Hamilton believed that to spur economic growth in America, sectors such as banking and agriculture need to be at their peak. With this thought, Hamilton felt that this country needed immense changes in mentality even as the world looks at it as an example in different circumstances. Hamilton was a firm believer of economic progress being based on different sectors rather than piling up pressure on just one particular segment.

Hamilton's Leadership

In Hamilton's time as a leader in the United States, he set his record clear in as far as managing employees and different sectors are concerned. He was a big believer in balancing the various industries that propel the American dream. He also believed that for there to be hope for all, major economic sectors such as banking, agriculture, and tourism needed to be at their best. By doing so, in his leadership, many visitors came into the country and contributed to American society (Senge, Hamilton and Kania 31). Jefferson stood against the slave trade, which was an industry he believed was utterly anti-human and had no place in the world. In his rule, he banned human trafficking of any sort and implemented work policies where for one to get employment, one had to secure a license and register with authorities. He was a leader who many people loved because of his personal beliefs and in return, he tried his best to make the White House more accessible to the local population. He believed in engagement-based leadership for all, where all his employees and subjects could have the chance to speak to him and interact freely.

Question 2

Republicanism refers to the original thoughts on how segments of society are inferior to the others. In the North, where most of the population severely practiced republicanism, many people believed that the country was all right and that making changes would lead to them losing their superiority. Republicans are strictly conservative in ideologies as far as female leadership and racism are concerned. In this part of the world, the majority considered other races such as blacks, Latinos, and Arabs as a lower rank of humanity and thereby undeserving of fair treatment (Gilligan 107). This was a significant reason behind the stalling of anti-slave trade laws in the region.

The Role of Slavery in the South

As an agriculture-based region, the South survived due to the ready availability of imported slaves in the country. The Southern population enjoyed the vice because it availed cheap or free labor that was affordable and more effective to their farms. Republicanism and promotion of slave trade go hand in hand, as it was critical their business in the agricultural sector. Most leaders who supported slave trade and oppression against women were Republicans and they stood by the idea that Africans were outcasts that women were inferior. For a long time, this moved them towards enforcing men's superiority over women since Republicanism fostered the belief that men trumped women in every aspect of life.

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November 24, 2023


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