Law Firm for Male Domestic Violence

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Law Firms Addressing Male Domestic Violence

Law firms that address the issue of male domestic violence are very few in America and the whole world in general (Herman 2015). As a result, the established ones have many clients and because the demand for the service is higher than the supply, the cost is higher than for the women domestic violence law firms. It was on this note that two years ago, five lawyers and I opened a law firm to address the issue of male domestic violence. We aim at seeking justice for the men who experience violence either physically or emotionally from their female marriage partners and other members of the family.

Charging for Services

We charge around $25 per hour and are busy throughout the day. We are not able to exhaustively serve the number of clients that demand our services daily. On average, we make around $30,000 per month. About half of this amount goes to our legal costs, salaries, and fixed expenses. We make around $11,000 profit per month. We could make more than this profit if we employed more lawyers and other workers. Our long-term goal is to ensure that men all over America who face violence in their family get the legal justice and compensation they deserve.

Successful Cases and Expansion

For these two years, we have exhaustively served 10,000 cases, all of which the clients have received justice and the compensation they deserve. We have opened offices in three different states and employed seven lawyers. We desire to open more offices in all states, cities, and provinces of America. We offer free counseling services to our clients, and they can reach us any time of the day and night. We work closely with law enforcers, such that those who need their immediate service, we can connect them. These reasons form our differentiation and our competitive advantage. We welcome investors to invest in our firm and enable us to meet our goals.

Work Cited

Herman, Judith L. Trauma and recovery: The aftermath of violence--from domestic abuse to political terror. Hachette UK, 2015.

December 12, 2023

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