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Congratulations on your new marriage, Nick and Mary. However, I'd like to give you some relationship etiquette tips. Couples must connect in order to establish a safe and prosperous relationship. The more you communicate with your life, the more you can love your marital life. I have learned a lot concerning interpersonal communication in my course work, and I would like to expand this knowledge to you to ensure that you understand the ways that you will us to enhance your interpersonal communication. I thought enrolling for this class would be a waste of time, but I have ended up learning many ideas from the course. Interpersonal communication comprises of several challenges, but I will help you with several tips that will help you encounter such barriers (Berger & Calabrese, 2015). For this reason, therefore, the paper intends to address and explain the principles of effective communication as well as the barriers to effective communication. Secondly, it will illustrate the role that communication has to develop and maintain self-concept, esteems and image. Thirdly, it will differentiate appropriate levels of self-disclosure as well as emotional intelligence in the main relationships. Fourthly, the paper will describe strategies for using communication techniques to help in reducing and eliminating interpersonal conflicts. Finally, the paper intends to discuss the impacts of gender and culture in shaping the interpersonal communication. The above strategies will help Nick and Mary who are newly married to reduce their interpersonal conflicts and enhance effective communication.

Principles of and barriers to effective interpersonal communications

Interpersonal communication is vital while communicating. However, to have the best out of the interpersonal communication, it is important to understand the principle and barriers therein. Some of the obstacles include gender difference, long distance relationships and culture difference (Warren, 2010). Moreover, some principle of communication includes the ability to treat each other with respect, effective listening skills, adequate response and understanding the exact phenomenon that one is listening.

Following and adhering to the principles of interpersonal communication is important in achieving a successful relationship desired by every individual. Individuals desiring to improve and maintain their relationship need to follow some of the principles of interpersonal communication. Adhering to the simple principles of interpersonal communication helps in having more conversation as well as an understanding of each other (Radford, 2006). When speaking to each other full attention and listening skills will assist in improving the relationship between the parties. Listening to an interpersonal communication makes the conversation more interesting and useful to the two sides involved. It shifts from a conversation that is tiring and boring without the use of principles of interpersonal communication. The idea of listening to the other partner makes them interested in communicating. The other principle of vital to effective interpersonal communication is respect. In a conversation, one should be ready to treat the other party with utmost respect just the same way one would desire to be treated. According to research, respects is the easiest thing to offer in this world. It costs nothing to offer and give respect to the other party. Listening to the other individual and responding is an important principle in interpersonal communication (Warren, 2010). However, it is not just a matter of responding but offering proper and reliable answers and feedback. Without providing appropriate feedbacks, the relationship will comprise of issues. Feedback is an indicator that the other party is listening effectively and paying the required level of attention to the conversation. Having great feedbacks is of great help for the married couples to have an amazing journey in their marriage.

The chances of overcoming the barriers of communication increase the likelihood of leaving as a better couple. Gender is the biggest barrier that interrupts the process of interpersonal communication in a relationship (Radford, 2006). The story line of men much differs with that of women. With an idea of overcoming gender barrier in interpersonal communication, the couple needs to focus on attention to each other and listen as well as provide feedbacks in an actual procedure. Regardless of the topic under discussion of the parties can listen effectively by showing respect and ask questions. Long distance in interpersonal communication can also cause greater barrier of communication. Couples can overcome the barrier by communicating every day (Berger & Calabrese, 2015). In so doing, it helps in avoiding improper thoughts concerning one another. Furthermore, most couples encounter challenges in interpersonal communication due to culture differences. The couple can eliminate this barrier by respecting each other way of life and personal life. It is important for both couples Nick and Mary to understand that each one of them has different ways of life.

Role of communication in developing and maintaining self-concept, self-image, and self-esteem

Self-concept, esteem, and image are contradicting terms that may sometimes be used interchangeably yet different in meaning. Self-concept refers to self-representation and description of oneself as an individual (Bevan and Sole, 2014). On the other side, self-esteem refers to the beliefs and feelings that one has concerning self-worth and the process that we feel about ourselves. Individuals can improve and raise self-esteem by sharing with each other the feelings that one has concerning self-worth. Finally, self-image refers to the entire subjective perception that a person has including a bad image as well as the impression of our personality and capabilities (Remland et al. 2015). The couples need to ensure that they communicate with each other discussing how good each is in his or her life. Moreover, complementing the other party also works a great way in developing and maintaining self-concept, image, and esteem. It offers concrete advice about the other individual in marriage. However, despite the fact that communicating with each other may offer positive or adverse effects in an individual, an individual’s internal communication also affects the manner of relating to other people (Bevan and Sole, 2014). Developing and maintaining self-concept, self-esteem, and self-image is of great importance in communicating effectively. As an individual, one has to develop measures of communicating with oneself internally, before deploying ways of communicating with each other. Through such realization, you will be in a position to think towards improving interpersonal communication. I had challenges of effectively communicating with myself. I, therefore, needed to work on this problem to improve my interaction with others. As a husband, I realized the importance of self-communication in the family and enrolled in similar courses that enabled me to understand this better. Since then I can communicate better with my family.

Importance of self-disclosure and emotional intelligence in relationships

Self-disclosure plays a vital role in relationships. However, self-disclosure requires full trust towards the person you are telling the private as well as the personal information. Consequently, emotional intelligence also has a firm position in a relationship. You have to be in a position to detect and learn the feelings of your partner and categorize accordingly in a manner that will cause fewer arguments and disagreements (Remland et al. 2015). As much as self-disclosure has a crucial role in a relationship of finding out the common point with the other partner, it is also risky. Sharing information about oneself makes an individual vulnerable. The ability to listen in an active manner relates directly to expressive intellect. Demonstrative aptitude includes the capacity and states to display, control and differentiate your one feelings as well as those of your partner’s with an idea of guiding your thoughts and actions (Bevan and Sole, 2014). The act of listening and understanding your partner gives an appropriate moment to disclose ideas and things about yourself.

Self-disclosure plays a significant role in a relationship. Since you are newly, engaged couples there is a high level of trust and you have shared separate issues that occurred in each other’s life. Even if you have not disclosed everything with time as t=you stay together, you will have to share. The act of self-disclosure will improve the rate of communication that will facilitate the level of communication (Warren, 2010). However, constant self-disclosure will make sure that you are comfortable in the relationship, as you understand your partner. Consequently, it improves the level of trust among the couples.

As the couples become more emotionally intelligent, they will be in a position to create better decisions concerning the knowledge of the partner. Furthermore, they will have a greater and higher level of understanding amongst them. Being emotional intelligent will make sure that each one of them can understand the emotions of the other partner and act towards them in accordingly (Berger & Calabrese, 2015). It is the best way that will enable them to make the right decision that suits both of them. Both emotional intelligence and self-disclosure have considerable importance in aligning the nature and processes that will take place in your relationship. The process of understanding the two factors will enhance and offer you a better stay in your marriage.

Strategies for using communication techniques to resolve interpersonal conflicts

Practice of different strategies for announcement techniques is of value in your relationship. However, it is important to understand when to apply the right strategy and the appropriate procedure and approach of using it without bringing up issues in your relationship. These techniques will of great help to you to have better knowledge and an understanding of resolving interpersonal conflicts (Radford, 2006). Some of these strategies include increasing self-awareness, accept yourself, practice your skills and be adaptable. The use of these strategies will improve your communication skills and assist you in having a greater relationship.

A couple encounters several conflicts in their dealings. Most couple’s experiences marriage conflicts about money issues. However, the fights are not directly related to money rather fear fuels the fights and conflicts in marriages. The fear of not realizing your dreams brings about the greatest level of v=conflict among the couples. Secondly, the idea of sex brings about another form of conflict among the couples. Most of the clashes in this manner emanate from the notion of being tired from a day’s long work. However, despite the kind of conflicts that erupts in marriages, you can be able to escape such cases with a better understanding of strategies of communication strategies (Warren, 2010). In such conflicts mentioned above, you can adopt a level of confidence that will allow you to share the information disturbing an individual with the other partner in a well and elaborated scenario. Moreover, remaining silent is an effective strategy for communication technique when conflicts about money erupt. Even if you have to answer to the problems make sure you employ critical thinking in a manner that will ensure that you have minimal arguments in your relationship.

The impact of gender and culture in interpersonal communication

Gender refers to the variety of characteristics that differentiates between masculinity as well as femininity. However, depending on the context of using the term gender, the characteristics may mean the biological sex or rather sex-based social structures. In most contexts sex replaces gender that is the two words are used interchangeably to have a similar meaning (Bevan and Sole, 2014). On the other hand, culture refers to various processes. It incorporates knowledge, art, morals, laws and even customs. In other cases, cultures refer to a social domain that emphasizes expressions, practices as well as discourses. Therefore, culture directly includes gender.

Sex and culture impacts on the interpersonal communications. It makes individuals feel as if they have low communication apprehension. Moreover, culture and gender pervade almost every aspect of people in society. Therefore, culture and sex play a vital role in dealing with interpersonal communication. However, they affect different areas in a conversation. Feeling uncomfortable in a conversation with your partner because of gender keeps you away from being true self and opening up the thoughts and ideas that are essential in driving the relationship to the positive. A man’s views about a given topic are certainly very much different from the thoughts of a woman (Remland et al. 2015). When dealing with discussions based on culture, you had better understand the other personal way of life and beliefs. It is in this way that you will have to enhance your experiences based on other cultures. In so doing, you find yourself participating in your partners’ culture. Couples have to communicate for them to have a healthy relationship (Berger, & Calabrese, 2015). The better you inculcate the idea of communication in your relationship the better you create the grounds for understanding each other. For you to become better communicators ensure that you adhere to the strategies that lead to communication techniques.


Finally, i wish you the best in your relationship Pay attention to the interpersonal communication skills that I have shared with you in this letter. Ensure that you note the challenges and barriers that hinder effective interpersonal communication so that you can avoid any challenges that may come your way and find out the solutions to the problems. I hope the knowledge that I have for you in this letter together with my personal experience will assist you in your relationship. Improve you communication method by applying the communication strategies that I have indicated in this letter. Congratulations once more.


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December 08, 2022


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