Linda Chavez's The Case for Birthright Citizenship

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Citizenship in the United States

Citizenship in the United States should be a natural right. According to the constitution, someone born in America is a resident of the United States. The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution is based on the values of soil rights. This has been the norm since 1868, and the prospect of repealing or reforming it is terrifying. Linda Chavez's book "The Case for Birthright Citizenship" discusses opinions on this subject and supports them with different arguments.

Undocumented Immigrants

An undocumented immigrant is anyone who enters the United States without a valid immigrant visa. Often people want to avoid border inspections and overstay their visas as immigrants or travelers. 4% of the population are illegal immigrants yet represent 8% of youngsters conceived (595). The contention is whether or not undocumented alien babies should be given birthright citizenship. Any child born in America has a right as mandated in the Constitution to get citizenship.

Equal Rights for All

The independence Declaration states that "All Men are made an equivalent." I decipher the word "Men" to mean humanity and that "Equivalent" to imply that we are altogether owed equal rights in America. Equal rights mean equal opportunities to America citizens and honestly, that ought to be maintained (597). Where your folks originate from and your nationalities that stretch out far into family have no impact on your devotion. Any kid conceived of any race in present day society has roots that reach out from different cultures and races.

U.S v. Wong Kim Ark

Chavez outlines U.S v. Wong Kim Ark in the 1898 Supreme Court ruling made thirty years after the Fourteenth Amendment was adopted (600). The threshold for getting automatic citizenship could be raised than just being born in America if the court adheres to the first comprehension of the Fourteenth Amendment. While Congress holds the authority to offer citizenship all the more comprehensively, that is a policy judgment that our Constitution appoints to the Congress, not to the courts.

Work Cited

 Linda, Chavez. The Case for Birthright Citizenship.

January 13, 2023

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