Lohri - The Festival of the Sun God

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Lohri is an important Punjabi folk festival celebrated in winter. The origins of the festival are not well known, but many believe that it marks the passing of the winter solstice. There are also many myths associated with this festival. The first of these myths says that the festival is connected to the region of Punjab, where the festival was first celebrated. The second myth claims that the festival marks the return of spring after the winter solstice.


The traditions surrounding the festival of Lohri date back to the days of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. The legend of Lohri is about a highway robber named Dulla Bhatti, who would collect his money and give it to the poor. Many Punjabi Hindu women were being sold into slavery in the Middle East, and Dulla Bhatti would rescue them. He would marry them off and give them dowries.

Food items

Traditional food items are an essential part of the Lohri celebrations. These food items are made of rich spices such as turmeric, ginger and cumin. They are also very tasty and should be tried by all the food lovers. A good selection of these food items can make the festival an unforgettable experience. Here are some of the most popular food items in Lohri. A great variety of sweets can be tried on the day.


The origin of Lohri is not entirely clear. In ancient times, people formed a chant to protect themselves from the extreme cold of winter. Chanting the mantra made the Sun God listen to their prayers and give them heat, thus lessening their cold. Later, people began chanting the mantra around fire to honor the god. These rituals became Lohri, the festival commemorating the Sun God.


The Lohri celebration marks the birth of the Hindu baby. A girl is first prepared for her Lohri by her family members and friends. She wears new clothes and bangles and has elaborate Mehndi patterns applied on her hands. Family members and friends give her gifts. Newly married women are also decorated for their Lohri celebration. The celebration lasts the entire night. A newlywed couple is also given gifts by their in-laws, friends, and relatives.


The celebration of Lohri is a multi-day event that combines rituals with fun. The main day of the festival is celebrated by close family and friends, while the second day of the festival is devoted to the new born. Some families send invitation cards to other relatives to join in the celebration. While the celebration is centered in the home of the child's paternal grandparents, the new mom gets decked up like a bride on this day. She receives gifts from family and friends, which may range from dry fruits to clothes.

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