Managing Supply Chains

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Suppliers are crucial to the success of the company because they are responsible for ensuring that the organization has enough input resources. When examining the performance of the suppliers with regard to their regular activities, the "Supplier Management and Development" plays a crucial role in highlighting the many elements to take into consideration. Additionally, the chapter makes the claim that a careful examination of the supplier's performance in terms of their regular operations is crucial to the company's success (Monczka, 2008). The "Supplier Management and Development" highlights that it is important to devise a measurement data to enable identification of the poor performing suppliers and generate decisions concerning the volumes of future purchases. The article the ‘Supplier Management and Development' serves as an insightful tool since it outlines the diverse techniques for determining a supplier's effectiveness and efficiencies such as the weighted point system and the cost-based system. Besides, the article underlines the differing factors as far as the techniques of measuring the astuteness of the suppliers are concerned (Monczka, 2008). Although the suppliers vary about the products they deal in, the article provides insight on the modalities of identifying a critical supplier as well as the patterns suitable for sourcing supplier services for large corporations or large volumes of purchases with ease. Contrary to expectation, the article underlines the factors to consider and undertake to ensure the proposed project is feasible and advantageous. Consequently, chapter nine stipulates the appropriate measures for overcoming the ever-present barriers in the course of business activities concerning supply management. For instance, the article notes that there is no possibility of immediate success (Monczka, 2008). Therefore, it underlines the need for pursuing smaller wins.


Monczka, R. M. (2008). Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, 4th Edition. Nashville: South Western Publishers.

February 14, 2023

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