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The fictitious name provided to a US-based aircraft service provider is Mediterranean. The organization's objective is to manage navigational equipment, provide airport infrastructure that is necessary for the existence of air travel, and ensure the effective and safe use of the nation's airspace.

In the Mediterranean, training has frequently been a crucial factor; nevertheless, given the significant turnover that has been seen over the last six years, it is necessary to conduct a new needs assessment among the aforementioned categories of employees today. The exercise will take into account the workers' organizational knowledge, skills, attitudes, and talents. The organization has a total of 187 employees with 23 being in Senior and top-level positions.

The training goals and objectives;

an acknowledgment that training has other alternatives to handle organizational needs and the decrease in the turnover of staff.

explore reasons for high grievances and turnover rates,

The target audience for training in Mediterranean Company will include line managers, design managers, sales managers, customer service managers, assistant managers and middle-level supervisors.

KSAs that should be expected of learners include;

The assistant managers and m-l supervisors are the employees who use technical skills

The customer service managers ensure that the customers’ needs are being met


By end of the training, workers in this workshop will be able to demonstrate the movement skills through simulations that is expected to be performed by the workers while carrying out their duty at the end of the training.

Structured Interviews will be carried out through a questionnaire to the target workers about their knowledge, experience, and expectations on exercise towards the growth of the body and how the organization goals can be achieved at the required pace through this.

As a result of participating in this workshop, workers will be able to gain knowledge, skills ,attitude on exercise towards the growth of the body and how the organization goals can be achieved with speed. This learning outcome belong to the behavioral domain.

Length of training will be 1, 2 and maximum 3 days depending on physical capabilities and speed of learning among the workers. Experts and trainers with relevant experience will be available at Mediterranean Airport. The workers will be available specifically at the work field for the exercise. Therefore travelling will not be required. BUDGET, table 1



Direct Costs


Preparation Costs


Developmental Costs


Participant compensation


Evaluation costs


Total Training Costs






Direct Costs


payment to experts and trainers

Preparation Costs


Cleaning the area for exercise and availing the equipment to be used.

Developmental Costs


Questionnaires and other stationery

Participant compensation


For their time off work, any injuries sustained during training.

Evaluation costs


Payment to technical experts involved in documentation of each worker capabilities and needs for improvement.


Training materials include;

Training Needs Analysis Questionnaire, and Daily work materials for use as learning aids

Training Methods & Learning Styles to be used to enhance the outcome-oriented learning experience. Table 3

Training Methods & Learning Styles

Outcome-oriented learning experience.

•Personal Experience•Role plays•Group exercises•Practice•Apply concepts •Simulations and Hands-on Work in Field

Enhanced employee happiness with their work, improve level of competency, improve performance skills.


Always engaging learners;

•Probe workers with questions frequently

•Encourage application of material by providing examples, posing job-based problems, and asking workers to consider how they might apply what they are learning.

•Quiz and give feedback in a nonthreatening way.

•Use both visual and aural (hearing) modes of learning.

•Use organizing techniques (e.g., ‘Okay, we’ve just that let’s move to...) that help learners keep track of where they are and what they’ve learned.

•Use humor and stories to enhance content and maintain learner motivation.

•Debriefing: After the class allow them to consider what they have experienced.


Evaluation tool,

Post Training Questionnaires, Table 4

COMPETENCY UNIT(tick in appropriate low, moderate, high)




Length of service in the group?

Qualifications of formal education?

Rate your competency in the work you perform?

Level of employment skill know-how?

Rate/speed/convenience at which you perform task?

Evaluation report;

Needs Assessment Analysis-there is an urgent need of improving the level of continuous physical education of workers as this would enhance positive impact on their physical state through understanding of what their jobs demand from their body.

Observations-from a look, the workers had improved in their speed of response to customer needs as evidenced by their organized nature and due clearance of cargo at the airport within the stipulated time.

Post Training Debrief-the workers experienced better understanding of their job AS EVIDENT IN THE POST TRAINING QUESTIONNAIRE and appreciates it from a point of reflection, in regard they have requested for other advanced tools in work environment for use in enhancing their operations efficiently.


Kasper, G. (2016). Communication strategies. [Place of publication not identified]: Routledge. Morrow, S. (2010). Work schedule manager gap analysis. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration, Office of Research and Development.Sleezer, C., Russ-Eft, D., & Gupta, K. (2014). A Practical Guide to Needs Assessment. Hoboken: Wiley.

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Int J Exerc Sci. 2017 Oct 1;10(6):845-856. eCollection 2017 Fuller RD1, Harrison CK2, Lawrence SM3, Eyanson J4, McArdle D2

March 10, 2023

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