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Mothers are honored on May 8th all over the world for their unending devotion (Carrillo, Gonzalez-Sparks and Salcedo 372). They have made untiring sacrifices to ensure the success of their children. They have unwavering confidence and have a tremendous impact on their children. Mothers, on the other hand, have distinct identities that divide them into five main classes. The perfectionist, closest mate, full mum, me-first mother, and erratic mother are among them. Our mothers' different identities describe who we are in today's culture. This paper accurately explains the different categories of mothers with which we communicate as children.
Their emotions overpower their unpredictable mother. Their parenting approach depends on the moods entirely (Carrillo et al. 375). She is excessively emotional, angry and anxious most of the time. Unpredictable mother is the most chaotic type, as her decisions are not well thought. Their children learn how to control their emotional situations at a tender age. Their children are very empathetic and great motivators.

Perfectionist Mother

She is over controlling and very fearful. She likes her things to be done in an appropriate order. She rarely appreciates the input given by other people unless it is satisfactory to them. The children always feel inadequate since she would always find a mistake on the work that they have done. Their children also feel emotionally empty in most instances (Witvliet, Arah, Stronks and Kunst177). The children of a perfectionist have a great sense of commitment in a relationship. They are reliable and accountable in all the actions that they take. However, their opinions are normally far from the rest of the world. They constantly feel that they have that they would be judged by their surrounding and this makes them to act in a cautious way.

The Best Friend Mother

Best friend mother ensures that she fully understands their children by not setting boundaries. She treats them as her equals. Therefore, they can discuss all the matters that are at hand. They believe that assuming the role of a partner and emotional confidante to the child is quite rewarding to their lives (Witvliet et al. 179). Children of this type of mothers can effectively assume the role of an adult. This is because they were raised in a partially motherless environment. In some instances, they feel neglected in the relationships, in which they are in.

The Complete Mother

The complete mother is a combination of all mother categorization. She is emotionally stable and can be a confidante to their children. She can assist her children to gain their independence. The children feel appreciated and can initiate relationships with other people without the fear of rejection (Witvliet et al. 182). Only about 10 percent of mothers are complete mothers.

The Me-First Mother

The me-first mother is selfish. Their children grow up knowing that they are meant to glorify their mothers (Witvliet et al. 186). The children from these mothers are very loyal and quite supportive. They can nurture other individuals to shine. However, they are normally not confident enough to make their own decisions.


In summary, mothers are probably the most influential individuals in the lives of their children. Their independent characters affect the type of relationships in which their children are likely to have with the rest of the world. Children from unpredictable mothers are emotionally intelligent. The me-first mothers make their children believe that they need to glorify other people. The perfectionist mothers make their children to be less confident while the best friend mothers treat their children as their equals. The complete mother is the best mother.

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