Motivations,Theories and Learning Styles

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It is a review and evaluation conducted to determine the training needs of a company. It is critical because it is used to determine the training that is required to assist those working in the organization in achieving their goals and objectives. As a result, it assists an organization in meeting its objectives by closing the gap between employee competencies and the required capabilities (Dunn, 2000).

A proper training needs assessment can serve as a baseline for measuring the success of provided training and establishing whether or not there was a gain in performance.A poorly designed needs assessment may cause the overall cost incurred in conducting the training to be higher than the benefits accruing from the practice ("Learning Theories", 2017).

How can training be designed to motivate learning and accommodate trainee differences?

Using the innovative learning people can learn through concrete experience, observation/reflection, conceptualization and active experimentation. Training should, therefore, be designed in such a way that people can learn and be motivated to learn more since they can participate (Stoica, 2015). Learning is heightened when we reflect on our learning styles so that we can build strengths and work towards reducing faults. Training should, therefore, be designed in a way that it considers activist, reflector, theorist and pragmatist teaching (Dunn, 2000).

People should be given a chance to participate in designing and implementing the program. They should be able to see the new design as a way of learning new things and should expect their responses to be acted upon when asked to give feedback. Training can be designed in a way that it improves understanding of their responsibilities towards enhancing their company by knowing their contribution matter (Stoica, 2015).

How to keep training programs?

The training program is essential are as important as any other program in an organization. Organizations rely on the performance of employees to make a profit and to be able to meet their objectives ("Learning Theories", 2017). Reducing investment in training programs would mean decreased employee performance which would lead to lower in company’s level of achieving its objectives. Training acts as a means of addressing weaknesses that affect workplace skills and the inability to meet goals. It also leads to improved employee performance and employee satisfaction which is very important for a company to perform well (Stoica, 2015).


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