My Dream as a Doctor

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I have always admired and honored the role of doctors in society right from my childhood years. It is irrefutable that many people, especially the poor and hopeless, rely on medical practitioners for encouragement and hope. I’m pursuing my educational prospects along the medical profession because of the respect that the profession commands in society. Specifically, I’m an ardent believer in education and equality as my favorite words. I believe that education is the greatest social and economic equalizer. In this regard, I have a dream for an educated an equal society. There are many medical scholarship programs some of which were started by some renowned doctors such as Ben Carson. When all people are educated in a society, life becomes easy for all and the community thrives on a stable human capital.

Equality, in my belief, is something that people can pursue on their own volition. Forget the political privileges and guarantees, an educated society is an equal society. Equality is achievable through educational empowerment because educated people can share the same podium, they can share the resources and all of them have the voice that society can listen to. Thus, in my application for a six-year medical program, I have the passion that upon m completion, I will not only change my life but I will also have a positive influence on the lives of people in my community. Doctors don’t just treat people in hospital but they also nourish them with hope, they mentor them to charge of their lifestyles for the better and they impact peoples’ lives in amazing ways. This is the life I would like to spend as a professional in my adulthood.

August 14, 2023

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