My favorite books: The Twilight Saga

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Stephanie Meyer's The Twilight Saga and Robert Litell's The Company are two of my favorite novels. The two authors are also two of my favorite authors who have influenced my life through their inspiration and imagination. Since I like animated films, Finding Dory, directed by Andrew Stanton, is one of my favorites.
For health purposes, I love Muscle Magazine, as well as the USA Today newspaper, which has digital news and global trends. I want to keep up with current events, and newspapers are the most convenient way for me to do so. My favorite website is vine, where I love seeing funny videos made by other young people. I am a diehard fan of outdoors activities, and this could be the main reason why I spent my past two summers out there, exploring nature. I spent my last summer camping with friends and the previous one I was helping propagate my parent’s garden in our backyard.

My favorite events were the recently held Grammy awards, the Coachella festivals in California and the Lollapalooza festival. I am a big fan of music and. The festivals are a great inspiration to many upcoming artists who wish to be recognized in the musical hall of fame.

If I were to go back in time to a given historical event, I would certainly go to the end of the Second World War in 1945, when the atomic bombs were dropped on the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, just so I could witness the magnitude and of the devastating explosion.

In five words, I can be described as kind, adventurous, curious, smart and competitive. I once attended a Nick Vujicic seminar in 2015, who is an Australian man who was born with no limbs, but he has never let that be an obstruction for him. He functions just as any normal human being would. He swims, cooks, surfs, skates, walks his dog just to mention a few; this a man does what you would find unbelievable. His life story really impacted my life in a big way as his achievements, with his disabilities are truly remarkable. In a seminar about life without limits he said. “Have you ever felt trapped in circumstances then discovered that your only trap was your lack of vision, lack of courage or failure to see that you had better options”. This words really hit me hard, comparing what Nick could do without limbs, and what I have done with my limbs and abilities. I learnt a lot including believing in myself and trying to overcome my challenges as life has equipped me with the necessary tools to handle the challenges I would face. Intellectually I came to acknowledge the fact that my mind has no limits expect the ones I set.

I am generally neat and one who loves order in the room and in every other aspect of my life. I’m against substance abuse and would prefer not to be associated with people who use drugs or any drug paraphernalia. Since education is the main reason for me being in school, it is worth noting that any activity that would jeopardize my stay in school or my education would be met with extreme hostility. I am however social, fun loving and flexible and would quickly adopt to conditions and if need be, I would gladly join my roommate in productive activities that would help them excel in their education like class projects or any free time activity to pass time. I’m perfectly comfortable with a roommate of any race and any background indiscriminately provided that we would socialize in a healthy manner as roommates.

The things that matter to me mostly are simple and may be more or less common. I value my education, my family and the environment. Well as they say knowledge is power, therefore education stands out in a class of its own and in a world where there is constant need and use for human knowledge, I would definitely like to go down in history as one of the people who helped shape life of future generations. My education is key if I am to achieve this dream. My family has been with me since I was born, I have received countless life lessons through my family and I am actually the way I am today because of my family. It is therefore for these reasons that I value my family for the guidance and directions that have shaped my life. The environment is everything that surrounds us but I am more concerned with the natural environment. It is no secret that mankind is self-destroying itself by polluting the environment through the involuntary and voluntary acts. I simply advocate for us to reduce our wastage and proper disposal of waste materials. Recycling our waste products will also ensure that we reduce on the over exploitation on the environment and also cut on the magnitudes of pollution. We should also reuse whatever products we can as this will help sustain our development.

December 15, 2021




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