My Journey as a Nurse

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It is a common belief and understanding that the main duty of a nurse is to take care of his or her patients. Through my career as a nurse I have come to learn that through caring, nurses get to share some experience other professionals may not understand. My career has been a journey of self-discovery. When I joined the Kings Harbor Multi-care Centre, I did not believe that one day I would decide to further pursue nursing as a lifelong career and become an instrument of change. In the center, I worked under the Tenenbaum Rehabilitation which is a health unit that provides state-of-the-art orthopedic services to patients. I worked for hand in hand therapists to help patients in physical, speech, and occupational therapy; it is here that here developed my passion for nursing.

Experiences in Nursing

As a nurse, I had an opportunity to learn a lot from my fellow practitioners. I shared in the experiences of several patients and watching them become better was one of my best experiences. I believe that through nursing I have a chance to contribute to the development of healthcare services not only in my institution but also in the general sector. There are several departments in Kings Harbor and I realized that compared to the doctors, nurses spent more time with the patients. Therefore, they have a better chance of actually helping patients into recovery. Hospitals can be intimidating and overwhelming to both the medical practitioners and the patients. Doctors and nurses have prior training to deal with that but patients do not. Through my career path, my objective is to equip myself with enough skills to be able to help patients fully recover from their traumatic health experiences.

Collaborating Departments

Nurses play a critical of collaborating departments including; medicine, surgery, social work, therapy and other health-related procedures. I have realized that in order to become a better nurse, I should be able to have the right skills; this is why I seek to further my studies in nursing. Nurses' job entails ensuring patients' safe passage through the hospital. They are tasked with organizing and coordinating services in order to minimize error, injury, error, and inconvenience while maximizing value, efficiency, and timelessness. An institution that has a skilled workforce has been known to not only improve quality healthcare delivery but also reduce overall charges on patients often attributed to unnecessary long-term treatments or readmissions. My quest is to be part of an institution that achieves overall patient satisfaction and the best way to do that is to ensure that I can contribute to that success. Moreover, I want to take it a step further and become a better caretaker to my patients by becoming a friend, trusted advisor, and confidante. My experience in the orthopedic center made me realize that some patients have some far-reaching issues than just their injuries. However, I also realized that there were some ethical concerns in regards to helping patients with other issues apart from their health-related ones. Through furthering my studies, I am looking forward to learning more about the codes of conducts so that I can help patients as much as I could without breaching my ethical code.

Cultural Understanding and Future Goals

In order to achieve health needs and goals, nurses need to learn and abide by various cultures and beliefs. The codes of conduct mentioned above should be able to allow a nurse approach patients with an understanding of their commonly diverse backgrounds. After my studies, I would also like to help other nurses become better practitioners. Recent statistics ranked nurses at 85 percent in honesty and ethics. Nurses need to utilize that opportunity to promote better partnership in health care. Their participation is instrumental in encouraging other learners to look up to the professional as a chance to make a change in the society. Personally, I want to be a forerunner of change because I know that some other people will learn from me and one day nursing will be the most trusted and celebrated professions.


Nursing is an altruistic and noble profession that mainly involves individuals helping other vulnerable people to overcome their health-related afflictions. My journey through this career has already changed me as a person. I believe that through my pursuit of more knowledge I will not only learn but also influence other people including my friends and family to participate in genuinely improving other people's lives. Making a sick person better is similar to delivering new life into the world and I am glad that the nursing course will make this possible for me.

October 13, 2023

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Nursing Experience

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