Northrop Grumman Corporation

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The government plays significant roles in revolutionizing businesses for the better. Northrop Corporation is one such business that has had that opportunity when it was awarded by the government a contract for the World War 2. The company built aircrafts for the US Military. With advanced technology, they could further develop unmanned aerial vehicles and missiles. Surprisingly, one of the crafts, Stealth Bomber, built way back when Northrop merged with Grumman is still currently in service.

 Technology has greatly evolved over the years and so has Northrop Grumman in developing products of higher quality keeping in mind its vision over the years. The Blackwater organization  was founded by Erik, who was formerly a Navy Seal. Aside from the US, the Blackwaters have provided their services to other countries such as Kenya, UAE, and Iraq. Blackwaters has had successful deals with the US government for instance the Iraq operation of protecting sensitive military and security installations. Equally during the Hurricane Katrina, they help protect critical infrastructure.


Academi, Northrop Grumman and Blackwaters Corporations are all private paramilitary organizations that have had great deals and relation with the US government in terms of the exemplary and outstanding services that they have offered. Besides the US they have all extended their services to other countries that have required their expertise. Over the years they have all re-branded and changed the names of the companies. However, this was not only a change of name but also an enhancement of the services they provided. Similarly, regardless of the changes they have undergone over the years of service, they purpose to continually align with their goals, visions and missions. Reflecting on the performances of these private Coporations and the gradual and steady growth over the years they have been in operation, as well as the good relation they have exhibited with their clients, that is, the US government and other countries has greatly influenced thoughts that I previously had.

August 01, 2023

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