Orientation by Daniel Orozco."

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I am intrigued by the office room because of the issue of how one integrates who he is and what you have to be at work. (Schilb and Clifford, n. 174). Orozco's quotation depicts the surreal and mundane character of office life. In the novel, Orozco offers an excellent means of explaining the events taking place in the workplace. According to Orozco, the office is a "highly organized and controlled environment." (Schilb & Clifford, 175). Accordingly, this article suggests that the workplace is an area in which all individuals are regulated by laid down laws and regulations. Alternatively, the workplace environment is determined by the organization structure which has been established to oversee the running of the organization activities.

‘Orientation” story goes further to provide details on employees’ personal lives and how management seems to only focus on corporate goals at the expense of workers. Therefore, this essay argues that from the analysis of Orozco story "Orientation," corporate world values anonymity and structure and hence particular rules and driving forces have to be applied if the organization anticipates achieving its goals. It is out of this argument whereby this essay seeks to explore how Orozco has illustrated corporate mindset in the workplace.

According to Orozco those who work in the office are faced with numerous harmful effects. For example, Gwendolyn Stich psychological breakdown experience represents many of the conditions in the workplace that may have negative impacts on employees' lives. Orozco brings it out clear that “many people suffering from illness at the workplace have critical decisions to make.” (Schilb and Clifford, 177). Just like Gwendolyn, they may decide to let the cat of the basket or be ready to face the risk of interfering with their work status. Else, “they may decide not reveal their suffering and continue to suffer in silence.” (Schilb and Clifford, 180) This a difficult to decision to make between personal health and individual source of income which should be given priority. Hard situations existing in the workplace as exhibited in the "Orientation" are the ones affecting personal lives of employees.

Orozco attributes Karl Marx ideologies in the workplace. Workplace seems to be unfriendly, unconducive and a torturing environment from the perception of the employees. This can be attested by the Orozco's quote, “Those are the offices and these are the cubicles. That’s my cubicle there, and this is your cubicle.” (Schilb and Clifford, 185). However, despite the situation in the workplace, the management do not care about the employees' welfare provided that the company core objectives are achieved. This essay opines that corporates utilize employees to realize corporate goals without putting into consideration employees outside life. They only recognized employees while ta the workplace and individual was unable to perform was left with no other alternative rather than to quit employment.

The aspect of social alienation is clearly brought in this story. Orozco describes what are termed as offices as cubicles. This shows how workers are being monitored while at the workplace as well as how they have be separated from the outside world. The life of the employees seems unbearable. Instructions have to be followed as given an employee is not supposed to question, “An employee is permitted to heat food in the microwave oven. But unable to cook food in the microwave oven.” (Schilb and Clifford, 186) Again, employees are overworked compared to the meager salary they earn as compensation for their services. “Corporate enervation and jittery social isolation were quite evident among the employees." (Schilb and Clifford, 185) Therefore, it clear that management does not recognize that employees have to balance and work and personal life to be productive while in the workplace.

Based on the above analysis and evaluation, it is evident that “Orientation” represented real life situations which used to happen at organizations’ workplace. Securing an employment is difficult, and therefore an employee has to withstand all the difficult situations in the workplace or else he or she will be rendered jobless. This is well depicted whereby an employer tells a job seeker “there is no guarantee of permanent employment." (Schilb and Clifford, 189) Despite difficult work situations employees have to bear the effects to avoid harsh economic conditions. For example, in the scenario whereby police officer one handed man, they “ponder a cop koan.” (Schilb and Clifford, 192) This a clear indication of the brutal treatment of the employees while at the workplace.

In conclusion, the analysis of the story "Orientation" about workplace environment has dawned to us that corporate were focused on profit margins. They did not care about the condition of the employee. Management only focused on higher returns. If an employee could no longer perform an employer would get rid of him or her. Marxist Criticism makes it clear that we are living in a materialistic society where the rich and the elite will continue to utilize the poor for their benefit.

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Work Cited

Schilb, John, and John Clifford. Making Literature Matter. New York: Bedford/St. Martin, 2014.

July 24, 2021

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