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My business idea is starting a permanent makeup service in Tampa Bay, Florida. Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique which uses tattoos as a way of producing designs that look like makeup, such as enhancing the color of the body especially the face. Permanent makeup is also known as tattooing. The product will be made known by advertising through social media, erecting billboards, and giving out free services to potential customers who will become aware of my business. The cost in advertising through browse billboards of Tampa, with approximately $3,600 per week, a population of about 385699 (Savana et al.) will be reached and will have a good impression to the prospects which will eventually lead to more customer to the business.

Quality and safety is the primary mission of the company. All our machinery and tools will be sterilized and tested for safety (Kukulowiz 39). The company will also have qualified personnel who will handle this equipment, and this will convey the great message to the potential customers who will be eager to test our service. Prospects will be enticed by free samples which will attract more customers to the business. I will employ the use of the 4Ps into the company by ensuring the service is available, will provide the service at a cost advantage over the other entrepreneurs, the mobile shops will be strategically even to the clients' located premises. Finally, the use of product promotion will be of a great benefit to inform, create awareness and persuade customers to pay for the service,

ii) Market Analysis

My primary targets are those with sparse areas of hair such as eyebrows and eyelashes. My goal customers include women who have difficulty applying makeup and those with allergies to conventional cosmetics. Additionally, those desiring to remove wrinkles or sunspots would be potential customers.  

Permanent makeup business is gaining popularity and has become a more lucrative recently. The boom is brought about by postmodernism and liberality trends in the modern world`s society. Additionally, this decade had witnessed tremendous growth in cosmetics and tattoos as it has become the way of life (Food & Drug Administration). Tampa Bay has several salons that run permanent makeup services with an example of Tammy Bratcher. However, despite the number of salons in the area, the lifestyles of the owners are the proof that the industry is still growing and in need of more shops. Some of the competition in Tampa Bay include Hi Face Studio, Premadonnas`s Permanent Makeup, JenSpa and RockStar Ink & Aesthetics among others. This industry has been in existence since the early 20th century and has become popular in the last decade.

I want to run business different from the existing ones in the market. My idea would consist of a portable booth, making my business unique from other entrepreneurs. Upon request by a customer, I can avail my services at a place of their convenience. Quality and sanitation are crucial in this industry, and my permanent workstation would focus on those aspects (Frister). For the business to keep up with current technology, it would incorporate cashless means of payment like mobile and major credit cards.

The business would hire qualified personnel who have received formal training in cosmetic and beauty and has gathered some experience in the industry. The staff should have received hours of training from an accredited person or institution and will continually be keeping up with all current trends in permanent makeup. My customers would consist mostly of middle-class women who are looking to get out there in the market.

The residents of Tampa Bay are well informed about permanent makeup hence most brand conscious as they have specific salons they visit. By creating an influential brand with our services, customers would be able to identify us uniquely. Visitors in Tampa Bay also engage in our services as part of impulse buying hence the need to take advantage of this. The facilities are tailored to each person`s need, thus accommodating people from different backgrounds. Furthermore, this industry is in full swing throughout the year because people always want to look good all year round.

For one to start a business in the area, one has to collaborate with other permanent makeup business in the industry. Additionally, the firm has to obtain a license from the cosmetology board before beginning operations. (Haugh, Laumann and Anne 249). An entrepreneur has to come up with the cost of advertising, training, machinery, and rent before starting a permanent makeup business. More and more people are using these services as the desire to take care of one`s appearance increase regardless of age.

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