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As an individual aspiring to be a successful nurse in the country and the world at large, my main focus is assisting disadvantaged people realize their potentials and abilities. My goal is not only to offer nursing intervention but to generally be a solution to someone’s problems. As someone who highly values charity and offering an olive branch to disadvantaged people in the society, I consider being part of the institution’s community service engagement as appropriate for my course and goal in life. Specifically, I will prefer an outreach that involves caring for the less fortunate during the holiday period. As a Christian who values and believes in the concept of giving and receiving, I believe helping the less fortunate during the holidays under the organization of the institution will not only be a fulfilling experience for me but also a fantastic opportunity to practice what I like doing most. Giving back some of the blessings God has provided us with is a good step towards the realization. For instance, I would love to participate in the Quarterly Act of Love which involves AUHS students and staff giving out groceries to the homeless people as well as administering flu vaccines. Notably, it will also provide me with both medical and social aspects of being a nurse.

Part 2

 Spirituality has significantly affected my life. In general, I can say it has greatly improved the quality of my life. Spirituality helps me find meaning and purpose for my life. As a Christian I practice Christianity principles to enable me live an upright and easy life. It makes me focus on what I am supposed to do every time. In addition, it provides me with hope that all my dreams will be attained without any doubt. Through faith, I strive and try my best to achieve all that seemed impossible to me. While in highs school, I never imagined that one day I would be writing a personal statement essay seeking admission in an institution of AUHS’s caliber. As such, it has greatly helped me as far as academics are concerned. I believe it will be useful too in my nursing career since nursing entails helping people through various designed interventions. I believe my career directly matches the roles that disciples of Christ were called to undertake.

Part 3

I wish to become a nurse practitioner. I derive my motivation from the passion I have for handling and assisting people with health or any other kinds of problems. As a person, I find interacting with people quite entertaining. I enjoy it when I meet people who open up to me and I help them solve their problems through words of encouragement of appropriate advice on what to do. I believe such aspects of therapy are crucial too for a nurse practitioner. To elaborate this further, the following personal experience is appropriate:

As a young person living with my parents in a small town full of middle class and poor people. As children, we used to play together at the courtyard almost daily after school. During play times, we never had any kind of knowledge about social class based on economic abilities. One Friday after school, I proceeded straight to the courtyard after dropping my school bag in the house. I found a friend whom we used to play with weeping. She was hungry and her parents had left her father had left her and her unemployed mother in the house after a heated quarrel pertaining her paternity questions. I invited her to our house and gave her part of my food. The second experience I gathered as a student in Indiana University. During my stay at the institution, we used to visit local hospitals to help the sick in various ways. We helped them, take medications, meals, and encourage them to be positive and they recover from their illnesses wholly.




Email address

Professional Summary


Ø Excellent communication skills suitable for interacting with patients and colleagues both in the nursing practice and class.

Ø Strong interpersonal that allow me to interact and work closely with my colleagues both in class and practice within healthcare facilities.

Ø Some knowledge and background in the field of functional medicine providing basic comprehension of various complexity regarding diseases and the factors causing them.

Ø Analytical and problem-solving skills which helps in analyzing symptoms to determine the possible dieses and providing preliminary report on the same.

Ø Strong interpersonal skills necessary for working well with other people within the health field.

Ø Interviewing skills and motivational abilities. These, coupled with excellent listening skills, help me relate best with team members and ensure optimization of service provision in healthcare institutions. Motivational interviewing is necessary in extracting useful information from the clients to come up with the most appropriate intervention methods.

Ø Excellent at multi-tasking. Also experienced in working in environments that are described as seemingly uncomfortable or high-stress. For instance, I have the ability to work in a clinic that is very busy with several clients attended to simultaneously.

Student Clinical Experience

West Coat Surgery

Ø Scheduling for patient’s surgery

Ø Pre-operation and post-operation tasks

Ø Getting ready all the necessary documents before patients undergo the surgery process

Ø Verification with respective insurance company

Ø Helped in diagnosis of chronic healthcare related problems such as infections, injuries, diabetes, illnesses, and high blood pressure.

Ø Conducted splinting, suturing, assessment as well as treatment of different types of wounds for more than twenty patients.

Ø Learned how to use and the uses of certain tools such as endoscopes, stethoscopes, glucometers, hot and cold packs, and catheters.

Ø Learned how to handle patients with different health conditions and cultural backgrounds.

Ø Performed basic tasks such as bathing and feeding patients, measuring food intakes, and recoding visible changes, and patient detection.


Ø Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Bachelor of Chemistry and Biology

Ø Ivy Tech State College

Bachelor of Psychology and Physical Sciences

Ø Logansport High School

High School GPA


Ø Swimming

Ø Jogging

October 05, 2023

Health Life Profession


Nursing Experience

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