Peter Ackerman's "Resisting Terror"

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What did the women of Buenos Aires and the women of Berlin have in common?
Peter Ackerman’s resisting terror is based on two groups of women. The ladies from Berlin are rallying to have their sons freed whereas the women from Buenos Aires are protesting on the disappearance of their children. The discussion herein aims to take a look at and critically evaluate the similarities between the two groups of ladies to be able to answer the question asked.
It is integral first to understand the circumstances that had led to the rise of this women’s demonstrations and protests. The creator begins by telling us about the women from Berlin who desired their husbands freed (Ackerman, 353). The reader is informed that the government agents in Berlin wanted to make the city free of Jews. They intended to make this happen through the forced collection of Jewish men with German spouses and children of mixed heritage. The wives of the Jewish men decided to protest this action and hence the birth of the demonstration. On the other hand, the Women from Buenos Aires were protesting the disappearance of their sons through the side of the government administrators (Ackerman, 355).

With the understanding of the situations that the women faced, the answer to the question can now be critically tackled. The similarities between the women from Berlin and Buenos Aires are too many. First and foremost the women show great courage. Theoretically, and from a non-misogynistic perspective, women are viewed in any society as being weak and most timid. To this women, this situation was like going up against Goliath. The act of this two groups of women of showing bravery and courage to be able to stand up to the merciless systems of administration is genuinely admirable. Where most men would have fumbled especially regarding the power of the governments, the women soldiered on for the sake of their loved ones. Another similarity between the women deduced from the previous point is the great love for their families. The Berlin group protests for the sake of the release of the husbands whereas the Group from Buenos Aires complain about the disappearance of their children. The lack of intimidation from the women, even when they face danger is ignited by the great love they have for their men and children and the need to see them safe. Both groups of the women also show that they have persistence, perseverance, and hope. They never gave up, and finally, through there persistence and determination an unarmed revolution was able to occur. The women from Germany and Argentina also have a common belief in the strength of being together and unified. Starting as small groups, they managed to stay unified through all that they underwent never once giving in to negative aspects that would lead to the division of their unions. It is vital to note the aggressiveness and willpower that the two groups possess. To attain what they did was not easy as they faced a lot of uncertainty and the fact that all the odds were against them. In those trying moments, the willpower to see what was right happen enabled them to succeed in their mission to bring justice and democracy.

What did the women teach us about History?

The women from both groups have a lot to teach us about history. Through the act of causing a revolution through unarmed manner, it is seen that it is prudent to not always result in violence to bring about change. The exciting thing is that they faced an oppressive regime that would have happily led to harsh measures to crush the protests. They never once used weapons or any lethal force to bring about the change they so wished to have. The women also teach us about how the unsung heroes of world-changing movement persevered a lot to achieve the change they wanted and purposed to have. We see this through the women when they face cynicism, fear and seemingly overwhelming odds that they would find hard to achieve.

The women of Berlin and their representation of the central principle.

The story about the women from Berlin is set during Adolph Hitler’s dictatorial regime. It is widely known that Hitler was a dictator and maniac. To see a group of women rise to his oppressive administration and come out satisfied, without the use of any armed methods is fascinating. The story of this women indeed represents that the voice of the people is more significant than any Government no matter how powerful it is and showcases the truthfulness of the central principle that governments are limited in their ability to terrorize.

The women from Buenos Aires and what they represent on the primary principle.

The group of women from Buenos Aires arises to protest the disappearance of the mysterious kidnappings and disappearance of their children by the hand of an oppressive regime run by the military. From different sources, it is well known that Military governments can be very merciless and ruthless. The small group of women could have been easily brushed away, and nobody would have even cared. The women, however, fought on and eventually were successful where nobody would have imagined they would last. The military Government would have thought themselves powerful enough to terrorize their citizens, but when the group of mothers decided enough was enough, they indeed proved that any government all over the world is limited in the ability to terrorize its citizens.

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Peter Ackerman’s “Resisting Terror” from The Impossible will take a while

By Paul Loeb.

October 20, 2021

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