Pilates, Yoga and CrossFit exercises

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Pilate and CrossFit have a number of differences. CrossFit is designed for the optimization of the physical competence in specific areas. It is a strength and conditioning program. Its main areas of targets include: flexibility, respiratory stamina, agility, cardiovascular endurance and balance. And it aims more at boosting speed and power. Pilate unlike CrossFit focuses more on physical and mental aspects of the body including abdominal and superficial muscles. It is however associated with six basic principles which includes: control, centering, precision, breathing and flow of movement. Yoga began from India. The basic design and development of yoga focus on the integration of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of an individual for purposes of attaining and maintaining peace. Through yoga, inner peace is achieved through practicing postures and poses that are performed placing more emphasis on proper spinal alignment and engaging the core for stability and control purposes.
Yoga involves diverse poses that work the entire body. Each pose in yoga is usually complemented with a counter pose to ensure that the opposite muscle group also works. In a class of yoga, a teacher will base a class of a particular group of yoga poses (Payne, Larry, and Richard). On the other hand, Pilates exercises are founded on the principle that the core is the source of every single movement. Pilates exercises unlike yoga, involve isolated movements and are performed in repeated sets. The main aim of Pilates is to align the spinal and have total control of the body. The advantages of CrossFit is that it combines weightlifting and gymnastic aerobic and aims at one becoming physically fit. The exercises of Crossfit are fast paced and intense hence one does not have free time hence no chance one could get bored. People also believe that CrossFit has an awesome sense of community.
CrossFit is mostly recommended for those individuals who have experience in the weight room and have a proper understanding of the body mechanics. However, one should avoid or proceed with caution if they have pelvic organ prolapse or cardiac complications. Yoga is appropriate for those individuals that have low back pain or those that want to achieve core stability. Also, yoga could prove to be helpful for those the prenatal and post-partum women although they must have proper guidance on how to go about the exercise. Yoga is recommended and most appropriate for those individuals looking for stress relief or want to decrease muscle imbalances. Moreover, yoga is appropriate for those that want a mental and physical challenge. However, people that have neck conditions, those that are pregnant, those on their menstrual period and those that have shoulder injuries should avoid Yoga ("Yoga And Crossfit: The Perfect Pair").
Yoga and CrossFit aim at improving strength and endurance. However, the only difference between the two is that yoga is purely bodyweight form of exercise while CrossFit is not. Yoga is more dependent on the strength of the individual and relies on performing advanced postures that require strong arms and legs. Yoga helps in solving problems of muscle tightness and muscle soreness, experienced in an event where an individual has had a CrossFit workout. After having a training session, yoga helps a person loosen up ("Pilates Vs. Crossfit").
The equipment used for yoga exercises include a mat and yoga block. Unlike yoga, pilates equipment is usually provided at Pilates classes even though there is very minimal equipment required. The most used equipment used in Pilates exercises include mat, magic circle, and reformer. CrossFit equipment is usually in either a warehouse or a large open space that is properly equipped with barbells, rowing machine, kettle bells and hand bars. Yoga is associated with physical and psychological results. The success of Yoga is dependent on the physical discipline of an individual and the different aspects of people’s life and wellbeing. Sustained yoga practice would lead to significant results such as changes in life perspective and self-awareness (Payne, Larry, and Richard). Yoga helps in relaxing of the nervous system which leads to a better sleep, hence useful in handling stress.
Many people across the world are less familiar with yoga, unlike CrossFit. A common misconception is that many people view CrossFit as the lifting of heavy weights and performing highly intensive workouts. Such arguments are somewhat correct, however, there is more to CrossFit than that. Pilates exercises are built for everybody’s comfort levels and all body shapes. Pilates exercises require an individual to push themselves past their comfort zone and encourage pumping of the active heart rate. However, it is dangerous to push too hard during workouts, since it may lead to injuries. Increasing heart rate during the exercises is believed to burn fat and improve the health status of an individual. Paying close attention to one’s heart health helps improve and maintain overall fitness and fight against heart-related diseases.

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