Political and Professional Influences on Healthcare

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A leader's knowledge and skills

A leader is required to possess special knowledge, skills, and competencies in order to perform his duties effectively. As a leader in the nursing field, one is required to have adequate knowledge and skills in planning (Thomas 2015, pg.13). Through this, he or she will be able to ensure that all activities in the respective jurisdiction are running well and patients are receiving optimum care. A good planner will always display excellent time management and proper use of the available resources to achieve the organizational goals. A leader should always be emulated by his followers.

Creativity and innovation in nursing management

Nurses working in management should be creative and innovative (Thomas 2015, pg.27). He or she should be in a position to pull many things that are apart together to a cohesive whole that contributes to the growth of the facility. This nurse should also have good research abilities as innovation requires one to perform extensive readings and research to single what is most important for the organization. They should also be excellent in coordination to effectively manage the different teams working from the facility. Managers should use their skills and competencies to entice workers to deliver the best.

Effective communication and accountability in nursing

The core of nursing is to work as a team with other members of the healthcare fraternity. A nurse should have good communication skills to ensure proper passage of patient information for maximum care (Riley 2015, pg.4). One should also possess great knowledge in diagnosis and treatment of various diseases to be able to make great contributions towards patient care. One should also be wholly accountable for his or her actions to avoid incrimination of a whole team whenever a problem requiring legal redress arises.

Political and professional influences on healthcare

The political class plays a major role in the delivery of healthcare services to the people to whom they lead (Gilmour & Huntington 2017, pg.183). It is this leader who legislates various activities that are being carried out in the healthcare facilities. They also approve funds that are used to purchase different equipment and drugs used in patient care. A delay in this funding will negatively affect the delivery of healthcare services. The success of service delivery is mainly dependent on the political will of the ruling class.

Motivation and modernization in nursing

Delivery of services is also dependent on the level of motivation of nurses. Political leaders are often relied upon to provide the pay structure for nurses and other health workers. Whenever a strike arises, the ball is rolled to the political class to provide solutions. The decisions they make therefore affect service delivery by greatly impacting on the level of motivation of nurses. In addition, modernization brought about by the leaders has a great impact on nursing practice. In many areas, these changes have been accompanied by a performance framework that determines the pay scales of nurses. Addition of knowledge and skills framework on payslips has a huge knockdown on nurses.

Nursing as a profession

Nurses are required to view themselves as professionals who have a great role to play in the establishment and running of health care systems (Blais 2015, pg.13). It is not until this happens that service delivery will increase. However, some nations refer to nurses as technical persons despite the fact that they undergo rigorous training like other healthcare personnel. The foundation of nursing as a profession has however been streamlined and better services have been reaped out of this. This is because nurses are not only taught to be caring but also to understand the dynamics of human life thus providing the necessary services to patients.


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October 13, 2023

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