poverty in the U.S.

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Poverty is hardly a personal liability of poor people in developing countries in Asia and Africa due to their lack of opportunities and limited access to capital, unlike the US. Therefore, America promotes equity in the distribution of resources and opportunities (Lewis). Without paying any tax, each citizen is expected to move through K-12 education. There are also student loans available for individuals receiving education in high school or college. Upon completing college, it is easy to find a job in the US, as evidenced by low unemployment rates. Over the years, talent nurturing and growth has been polished; therefore, people who are good in a given sport, art or acting can pursue it. Most of the black music artists in the country are a perfect example of individuals who rose from rags to riches.

The ideology that poverty is vicious cycles hardly hold water in the US. Getting out of poverty requires hard work, determination, and dedication in what one does. However, this was made possible through the resource availability across the country. A society which embraces equality makes it easy for people to meet their utmost potential in everything they do. Therefore, poor American citizens can take advantage of numerous opportunities and resources available in the country to get out of the social challenge (Lewis). Parents can coach their children on measures they can embrace in dealing with the issue. Thus, in the US, the poor are responsible for their poverty.

Question 5

An increase in the life expectancy may impact the social changes, problems, and benefits of a given region. Social changes witnessed will include an increase in the healthcare costs and the need for long-term care. The society will have to come up with better measures aimed at taking care of the aging population. Additionally, more laws and sanctions will have to be implemented with the aim of regulating the growing population as a result of an increase in the life expectancy. Behavioral regulation will also be attained through the expansion of social institutions.

With the increase in the life expectancy, social problems will set in. One of the challenges will be elderly discrimination from their close family members or the society. Thus, the flooding of the aged care facilities (Fulcher and John 45). More so, there will be a rise in the healthcare costs making it unaffordable for some members of the community. Quality of healthcare services will also decline tremendously. Crime rates are likely to increase, especially with the rise in population brought about by high expectancy rates.

An increase in life expectancy allows individuals to be of help to societies regarding wisdom and sense of direction. Most of the elderly people are vital in handling societal challenges through their advice on the youth (Puri). This is essential in dealing with social vices such as petty theft, rape, and immorality. Furthermore, the aging population possesses experience in various fields it can pass to the youth making the society a better place to live.


From the discussion above, it is clear that poverty in the US is a matter of personal responsibility. Additionally, the life expectancy comes along with both social benefits and challenges.

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August 09, 2021

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