Probation and bail Research Essay

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The privileges of probation and bail

The privileges of probation and bail allow offenders to escape jail or to be released after serving a predetermined amount of time. As a result, the goals of punishment and parole are to guide offenders back into society while also rehabilitating them in order to reduce the chance that they will commit another crime. The correctional facilities that support such endeavors have undergone changes in the hunt for such credibility among the criminals. (Carson & Golinelli, 2013). Therefore, with this in mind, the paper aims to delineate on the trends both past and current as well as future in the correctional facilities that encompass parole and probation on the criminals’ integration back into the society.

Trends in the Correctional Facility

a. Past Trends

In the past, that is the 1960s and 1970s, the term parole and probation as well as rehabilitation were terms of pariah. The need to add more punishment that was harsher to the criminals was promoted compared to the need to include rehabilitation of offenders. The ideology than was that the public safety phenomenon was the need to present harsher punishment to the criminals rather than provide them with the necessary rehabilitation facilities to get back into the society. The public perception encouraged demise, harm and financial loss as different to the need to influence or enforce rehabilitation for the criminals. However, the intent of some states to invest in improvement came later with the reality that some offenders were not as dangerous as others (Clear & Frost, 2015).

b. Current Trends

The current trends in parole and probation are resultant of the need to ensure public safety benefits if the offender is rehabilitated based on the strategies that are established. In the scenario, current trends determine that outsourcing of rehabilitation is more prudent that enabling the state to facilitate the recovery. As such, accountability has been placed on the outsourced firms such as the quality of the company, fair as well as responsibility in lowering the rates in the assimilation of criminals back into the society (Schlanger, 2015).

Therefore, there have been partnerships between the policy activities, faith-based governments, public connotations as well as communal care earners. In the scenarios, addressing strategies such as community-based social leadership address is taken as the most subservient manner of rehabilitating the criminals. As such, cutting-edge principles, as well as practices, have been incorporated to pay attention to the community wellness. They include the provision of the adequate resources in efficiently handling problems such as alcoholism and domestic violence as well as producing economically viable infrastructure through the partnerships (Schlanger, 2015).

c. Future Trends

Integrating programs that are fast and effective in the rehabilitation of the criminals. With the rising number of offenders under probation and parole as well as the incorporation of technology, the intention of handling more incoming clients is the hassle of the correctional and associative organizations. There is a particular necessity to investigate on whether specific treatment of interventions for the offenders with mental illness. The commissioning of such intervention programs may require integrated infrastructure and individual planning such as collaboration with the affiliate organizations and associations. It also entails the evaluation of the employment roles and responsibilities of those who might be employed and what supervision may be necessary to ensure that the programs are successful (Clear & Frost, 2015).


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July 15, 2023

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