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The number of cancer cases

The number of cancer cases has increased over time, with the bulk showing up in advanced stages of the illness. The management of the physical, psychological, social, and practical requirements of patients and medical professionals is a component of palliative care. One of the treatments available to cancer patients to deal with discomfort, dyspnea, and depression at the end of life is palliative care. The article that is attached offers evidence-based strategy for managing cancer patients. The three main issues that these patients experience and need medical treatment are pain, dyspnea, and depression. Therefore, through the application of these guidelines in clinical practice, provides evidence to help in the improvement of palliative care as well as the end of life care. Through this application, there is an increased probability of improved patient outcomes. The guideline offers directions for the nurses during their management of patients with severe illness such as assessment for pain, dyspnea, and depression. Moreover, various therapies can be used in the management of pain.

Application of BSN Core Competencies

During the End of life care, through increased collaboration and team work in the provision of health care, there improved utilization of patients centered outcomes (Bellack et al.,2001). The collaboration of nurses, physicians, and the social services ensures continuity of care, service coordination as well as facilitated communication. Research shows that, through the increased collaboration of the health care providers, there is an improvement of the patient quality of life as well as improvement in the functional status. As such, there is also the improved health care provider’s collaboration leading to improved quality of life along with the decreased hospitalization and cost incurred in health care.

Psychosocial health beliefs

Psychological health is an important aspect in the maintenance of the health status of an individual incorporating the emotional, social and the spiritual dimensions of a person. As such, it results from a complex interaction between a person’s history, their interactions about the past as well as what the past means in their lives. Among the elderly, there is the loss of relationships among the families and the friends. Consequently, it leads to powerlessness which is after the development of depression. Health care providers have a role and responsibility in the promotion of self-esteem among the elderly to increase their life expectancy. Health care providers and more so the nurses, they have a responsibility in the achievement of psychological health care status. This can be achieved through the maintenance of a positive outlook, valuing the diversity of the elderly patients, enriching their lives and making the patients feel good about themselves through the promotion of self-esteem.

Core Competency from the Video

From the video, the Patient Centered Care competency is evident. Patient centered care involves the provision of care to the patients and families that are meaningful and valuable to individual patients (Bellack et al.,2001). The video has emphasized the importance of observing dignity and respect for the elderly, therefore emphasizing person centered care. Health care providers ought to be more vigilant when taking care of health the elderly. Moreover, they should understand what it must be like for the elderly who are under care to be removed from a kind of life they once knew.


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