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Responses to Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" and Carver's "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love"

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“A Rose for Emily” is a political allegory tale intended to convey a figurative message. The narrative depicts the relationship between the south and the north after the civil war. Emily, the place, and their relationship are all symbols of the South. Emily is regarded as "old fashion," and the town adores her for it. Emily's isolationist tendencies demonstrate the South's refusal to experience transformation because of colonization influence from the North. The modern philosophies of the next generation attempted to change Emily, but they failed. When the majors claimed taxes, Emily refused to pay hence winning. It symbolized the termination of the south from retaining its culture and character. She is a representation of inability to change therefore showing the consequences of when someone is not willing to undergo transition.

Is this story optimistic or pessimistic about true love? Is the old couple a positive or a negative example of true love? What about Nick and Laura? What about Ed? Could you argue that he was in love?

Raymond Carver is optimistic in his story about true love. According to the accounts of each character, there is an indication that real love exists and it can act as a path to what they want their love to be like. It is lovely the old man what he all wanted was to see his wife although he was unable to turn his head due to the accident. However, on the contrary side, he was filled with depression, as true love does not come with sadness. Nick and Laura are a positive example of a true love since they have good things to look forward to. Ed showed a negative example of true love since his actions did not justify the meaning of true love towards Terri.

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