"Rocky Raccoon" is a song sang by "The Beatles"

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Rocky Raccoon is a song written by The Beatles and released on November 22nd, 1968. The Beatles were one of the most popular rock bands at the time, and they are still well-known today. The Beatles were a Liverpool-based English band who formed in 1964. In the year 1960, the band was formed. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison formed the Beatles, a four-piece rock band. However, the members of The Beatles have changed over time, with new members joining the band and some of the original members leaving. The most active and dominant years of The Beatles were between the year 1960 and 1970. The Beatles were a very versatile rock band. Despite making their debut as a rock band, they experimented with other genres of music such as pop, Indian music, hard rock and even the classical type of music. Under the mentorship of their manager Brian Epstein, they grew from playing in small clubs and into a fully professional act of their own. During their time under the spotlight, the Beatles were once referred to as “The Fab Four”.

Rocky Raccoon was a song from their album named The Beatles. This album was also known to many as White Album. The composer and writer of Rocky Raccoon was one of The Beatles themselves, named Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney revealed that the inspiration of this song came to him while they were on a retreat in India as a band. He was inspired while simply playing an acoustic guitar alongside one of his fellow band members John Lennon and Donovan. The original title of the song was supposed to be Rocky Sassoon which was the actual name of the character about him this song was written. Paul McCartney then says that he later decided to change the name of the song to Rocky Raccoon. He says that the reason for him changing the title of the song was because the name sounded more like that of a cowboy. There was also information released by a drummer named Danny Thomas that the name of Rocky was inspired by the band’s then guitarist and vocalist Roky Erickson. The rather unique sound of the piano on this song was played by the producer of the band George Martin. This song had quite some significance as it was the last song on which John Lennon included his Harmonica.

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The lyrics of the story are based on the events that followed a love story gone sour. As the song begins, the singer begins by revealing that the character Rocky was a young boy living in Dakota. The young boy had a woman who one day ran off with another man without the knowledge of Rocky. It seems as though Rocky is the one who had no clue about the signs of her running away but in actual sense, this was something that his woman had planned on. Out of anger, Rocky decide to start pursuing the man who had ran off with his wife. This man’s name is later revealed to be Dan. The singer sings, “Now she and her man who called himself Dan”. The use of the words ‘called himself’ implies the masculinity and rather superiority of this new man that Rocky’s wife had run away with. While in pursuit of this man who had taken his woman from him, Rocky checks into a hotel room that was just beside the one Dan and his new woman had checked into. In reference to the name of Rocky’s lost wife, the singer says, “Her name was Magil and she called herself Lil, but everyone knew her as Nancy”. This description portrays her as a cunning lady and one who was not to be trusted, yet she had caused Rocky to fall in love with her. When Rocky bursts into Dan’s room and attempts to shoot him, unfortunately, Dan was quicker than he was. He drew his gun fast enough and shot Rocky to the ground. Rocky was then attended to by a drunken doctor who he tells that it is just a scratch and that he will be better as soon as he is able. He then goes back to his room to find a Gideon’s Bible that he had left lying on the table and thinks to himself that this Gideon had for sure left this bible there specifically to help Rocky. This acts as his assurance of hope in his future days without his woman.


Rocky was a young man who had been born and had grown up in Dakota. He came from a family of three. His father was Peter Raccoon and his mother Mary Raccoon. He had three elder brothers, Matt Raccoon, Mark Raccoon and Martin Raccoon. All three of his elder brothers were much older than him. The youngest of the three was older than Rocky by nine years at least. This therefore made Rocky’s growing up a very difficult time for him. This was because; his brothers would often pick on him, bully him and ridicule him around the house. Despite all the rough housing that Rocky went through, he did not develop a hard skin and become a masculine young man like his brothers. Instead he continued to become a soft and easily intimidated individual. This was mainly caused by his mother, Mary, who was always standing up for him against his brothers and would always pamper him. These made him develop some inferiority and dependence on outwards sources for help when he encountered challenges.

Rocky’s father, Peter Raccoon, was a well-known gold miner in the black mining hills of Dakota. More-so, a small portion of the mining hills was entitled to him and was under his control. This was an occupation that he had turned into a family business. When his three first sons were of age, he slowly begun initiating them into the gold mining business. However, this idea did not sit right with his wife. The gold mining business was a rather complicated one and would sometimes involves violent acts among those in the business due to cases such as theft, land grabbing and rivalries between those who controlled the mines. This had turned Peter Raccoon into a rather rough man, violent in nature and in one way or another cruel. Mary’s efforts to try and change Peter’s mind from initiating their son’s into the business bore no fruits. This was mainly because; the three young men themselves wanted to join in this business and could not wait for when their father would fully incorporate them into it. Soon enough, they had gotten into the business and they became fully fledged miners and dealers of gold in their father’s sphere of influence at the mines. They slowly started becoming replicas of their own father in character and in nature. They began engaging in rather violent acts, carrying around guns with them and walking all over the commoners.

A few years later, Rocky had grown into a young man and his father, as well as his brothers, automatically expected him to also get into the gold mining family business. Things were different this time. Rocky did not want to get into the dirty business. This greatly upset his father who did not want to hear anything about him not joining the business. This brought about a lot of friction between Rocky and his father. Around the same time, one night while Rocky was walking through the town on his way home, he met a young fine-looking lady, who said her name was Magil and that she had come back to the town after a number of years away, living with her father, who had separated from her mother. Rocky invited her for a drink and this led to a deep heart to heart conversation between the two. Rocky told her everything about the confrontations with his father and what had caused it. As they continued talking through the night, Magil ended up convincing Rocky into considering joining his father’s business. She made him see the importance of a man being the alpha male, like his father and his three brothers.

Rocky was finally convinced and the next day he told the news to his father who was over-joyed and immediately got him started in the business. This turned him into a rogue character just like his father. Magil and Rocky soon got into a relationship and even moved in together. One month later after they had started dating, Rocky woke up one morning and found Magil gone. He acted swiftly and found out that she had run away with another man named Dan. In anger, he followed them to a hotel but when he tried to shoot at Dan, he proved to be faster than Rocky, drew his gun and shot him first. A drunken doctor attended to him but he claimed that he would be better when he was able. He returned to a hotel room he had booked just beside Dan’s and lay on his bed looking at a Gideon’s bible that was beside his bed. He thought to himself that this Gideon had probably left the bible there to help him. This gave him some sort of hope in the days to come without Magil in his life. The next day he went back to his father and declared that he was no longer in the business. His father respected his decision, with the knowledge of what had transpired. Rocky looked back at how Magil had changed him into someone he was not and from that point on he resolved to lead the rest of his life independently and not do anything or make any decision that was not his own will or from him.

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