Scene one

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It is late afternoon. May's living room is well decorated. It is white and has a modern ceiling. The left half of the wall is covered by a massive traditional glass cabinet packed with pricey utensils and cutlery. The front of the room contains a large flat screen television worth a lot of money. In the center of the room, there are two white leather couches. A white round medium-sized hardwood table with a silvery ribbon around the sides sits between the couches. White tiles with circular designs cover the floor.There are large windows touching the floor with large white shiny curtains. Outside the windows there is a bench painted grey.

May quickly walks into her house dripping wet. It has been raining the whole afternoon. As usual she finds her 55 year old mother (Maria), who is dressed in a blue short sleeveless fitting dress. She has on a pair of yellow stilettos that blend with the dress. On her left hand she has a yellow watch with diamonds inside. She has a bun made out of her curly blond hair which clearly defines her side buds making her look beautiful. She has a simple diamond necklace that perfectly lies on her chest. She has on diamond studs that shine from a distance. She looks spectacular. She is trying to tidy up the living room for a dinner with family friends in the evening. She stops whatever she was doing and runs up the spiral staircase opens a white door with a silvery lock and grabs a brown blanket and smoothly comes down and wraps May with the blanket. May walks straight to her bedroom to freshen up. Her mom is left preparing for the visitors. May comes down twenty minutes later. She is dressed in a pair of red jeans, a white fancy long sleeved high-low chiffon and a pair of white stilettos.



She has a red hair bow and her curly long hair is flowing down her shoulders making her look gorgeous.

May: mom how do I help?

Maria: help? I am done darling. How was your day at work? (Looking at May questionably)

May: what’s with the look? He didn’t come today. I was hoping he would show up after the many apologies but he didn’t…Men! They assume everything is okay after a sorry. (Her face turning pale)

Maria: I know you love Myles so much May. I can imagine what you feel. You keep hoping he will get better but honey you just need to know you are not getting any younger baby. Count down your years down to menopause. Hahaha… (Looks at May)

May: did you just call me old mom? …. (Ignoring her mom’s comment). Yeah mom ill consider that but you don’t have to rub it on my face……. (Getting disappointed with her mom).

Maria: it is the truth and the truth hurts baby. Take it. … (With a stern look).

May: can we please change the topic?

(Doorbell rings)

Both stare at each other before Maria gestures to May to rush to the door as she turns the dishes on the table. May gives her mother a frightened look before sluggishly walking towards the door. Voices can be heard coming from the door already. Emma together with her boyfriend (miles) and her mother Perry rush in before May can even open it wide.



May checks if there is anyone behind before hurriedly closing the door. May is smiling broadly on seeing Emma. Emma is one her childhood best friends who had left the country for college. She stretches her hands open to hug Emma. Wrinkles of joy can be seen at the edges of her eyes, she has teary eyes. Emma also grabs May and hugs her tight. She shed a tear smiling broadly. They look at each other and hug again. Everyone else walks to the living room. They are looking around amazed with the house. May and Emma hold each other’s hand and walk right behind them chatting and laughing.

Maria: Hello darling Perry … (smiling at Perry and hugging her happily)

Perry: hello it’s been a while girl how are you doing? … (Smiling back at Maria)

May rushes to the wash rooms and comes back. Miles is still staring at the painting on the wall of an African woman with a clean shaven head, big brown eyes, lips, with a kitenge lesso covering her big hips and her conspicuous breasts flowing on her chest. carrying a gourd on her head. Beaded bracelet on her left and a black and white anklet on her right leg. Her dark complexion brings out her origin. It seems to really fascinate Miles he is smiling at the painting with so much admiration.

Emma: hello Mrs. Wilson… (Smiles at Maria)

Maria: hello lady you are all grown up now. You are now a doctor sweetie ... (Remarkably)

Emma: oh May, Mrs. Wilson meet my boyfriend miles ... (Smiles and walks up to Miles who is still studying the painting. She is grabbing him and pulls him to the rest of the family. Mays’ and Miles’ eyes meet and they both stare at each other for a while with confusion creating a lot of tension. Nobody says a word for a while. )



Emma: do you know each other? … (Interrupting)

May is still in shock and not saying anything.

Miles: uuuumm…no baby we don.. Don’t each other ... (Trying to break the tension, feeling embarrassed and shocked. Stammering. Avoiding to look at May)

May: mom I don’t feel so well my head hurts I’ll go take a nap please ... (Excuses herself rushing up the stairs to her room with a pale face and tears running down her face she enters her bedroom and locks the door and drops on her bed aimlessly.)

(Maria and Perry left at the sitting room start looking at each other questionably and confused. They start whispering. The tones are so low to hear anything they say.)

Miles: Emma I have to go call me when you done ... (Starts leaving quickly Emma follows him outside leaving the door wide open)

Emma: babe wait up is there anything wrong? … (Miles looks back at her saying nothing) Talk to me baby please.

Miles: it’s nothing big baby I’m okay but I can’t stay. Nothing is wrong though ... (tries to r eassure Emma but feeling so guilty)

Emma: are you sure baby. You know you can talk to me right? … (Trying to sooth Miles to tell her what was happening who just avoids it and gets in the car and talks to Emma)

Miles: baby I will call you later. I love you. I have to go …(Starting the car)

Emma: okay make sure you call back … (sternly)



Milles leaves the compound with his convertible driving so fast. Emma rushes in through the open door and finds Maria and her mother still at the living room.

Maria and Perry: what is going on? … (They ask at the same time)

Emma: I do not know either. Have you checked on May? … (Looking concerned)

Maria and Perry feeling guilty and mean.

Maria: no we haven’t. I will go check on her ... (Emma gets angry and pissed and talks back at Maria)

Emma: seriously? You both sit here and wait for me to tell you what the problem is and you don’t even care to check on May? … (Overreacting)

Emma rushes up the stairs furiously. Perry and Maria follow her. She looks behind and sees the and shakes her head in disbelief. Emma knocks at May’s door and begs her to open and talk to her.

Emma: may are you there? Are you okay? Talk to me. (May doesn’t say anything to her she stills tries to get May to open the door. Maria decides to come in and help. She moves forward closer to the door.

Maria: baby girl talk to me are you okay? (Hopes that May will respond)

Door opens they get into her bedroom it is painted white with large windows touching the floor covered in black and white curtains that blend well with the room. On the left side of the room there’s a large grey inbuilt wardrobe with silvery handles with one door open showing how shoes are neatly arranged according to color and size.



The floor has a black and white furry woolen carpet. There is a black table at the right corner where May places her apple red colored Laptop and novels.

May walks back to her bed that is covered in a huge black duvet with white flowers looking so clean. She sits and starts crying painfully talking to her mother, Emma and Perry. They are all keenly listening to her trying to contemplate what she is saying between her tears. They all look so carried away.

May: it’s him mom. It’s my miles … (She says and breaks down as her mascara washes down her face)

Emma: what do you mean? … (Trying to understand)

May: yes Emma he is also my boyfriend. (She tries to dry up her face with tissues lying on her laps.)

Maria is shocked she cannot stand longer she sits on the bed and holds May’s hand saying nothing looking at May sadly. Emma storms out and goes out of the house with her mom rushing behind her trying to slow her down. Emma doesn’t stop she goes out and takes her mother’s car, who quickly hops into the car and they drive off.

Maria: I’m sorry about this honey but It’s so late just try to get to sleep. We will talk about this tomorrow. I will sleep here with you. You have me. I will not leave your side. I will get ready for bed and come.


ACT ONE; scene two

Maria rubs May’s back as she cries. She helps her change into her purple silky pajamas and helps her into bed. She covers her and kisses her forehead. Maria walks out of Mays room to her to get ready. May is still crying and her pillows are wet with tears. She waits for her mom who takes long and she finally falls asleep. Maria comes in blue cotton pajamas and a blue headscarf. She finds May asleep and quietly and softly gets into bed not to wake her up. She manages to get into bed and switches off the light and holds May close to her. Maria also falls asleep shortly after.

May’s bedroom the following morning. Maria gets up at around 8:00 am draws the curtains as she stares outside at the beautiful red and white roses on the left side of the window. The sun shines down on May who shortly after gets up she squeezes her eyes due to the brightness of the sun. Her eyes are swollen and with big eye bugs after crying last night. Her face is pale and dull. She looks sick.

May: Hey mom … (she greets her mom who doesn’t seem to hear anything tears are running down her face. Her face is turning pink. May gets out of bed and goes to her mom and hugs her from behind without noticing she is crying. She holds her so close and caresses her. Maria quickly wipes off her tears not letting May to notice. However may notices)

Mom are you okay? … (She asks questionably)

Maria: Yeah I am…. I am … (a tear drops from her right eye and she quickly taps it using the sleeve of her pajama.)

May: mommy have you been crying? … (Asks with a shrill voice)

Maria: I just miss your dad, I saw the roses and they reminded me of your dad. He was



bringing me red roses on the day that he passed on. It was our 5th anniversary. I’ll be fine though. (She says trying to drop the topic. May says nothing but shows a sympathetic. She hugs her and whispers something to her)

May: I don’t have an idea of what you feel but I miss dad too mommy. But we will be good… (Says assuredly)

Phone rings. May picks up the phone and starts talking in a low tone. She frowns and clenches her face.

Maria: what is wrong May?

May: iit’s..uuum..Its Emma she says she want to talk. … (Looks fretted by the call and confused)

Maria: do you want to meet up with her? (Asks raising her eyebrows)

May: I will just go meet up with her and talk out the whole issue … (not sure she wants to do it)

Maria: what time and place are you meeting up? May: we are meeting up at around 11 am, at the fruit planet. (No emotions displayed looking at her mom) Maria: okay, I will make breakfast before you go May. (Says to her lovingly and smiles. May smiles back)

May: okay mom. (Rubs Maria’s shoulder quickly and starts freshening up)



Maria walks out May’s room and heads to the kitchen which is below the staircase. The kitchen just like the other rooms is painted white. On the right side of the kitchen is a set of ovens and gas cookers. The right side of the ovens is a cabinet painted white that is closed with grey handles. The left side of the room there is a sink where dishes are washed. On the left right side of the sink there is large Phillip branded fridge with flowery stickers. Between the left and right side of the room there is a window that is almost touching the floor with a white flowery net covering it. On the two sides of window are pots with creeping flowers with white, purple and yellow flowers growing up the wall. At the center of the room there is a large wooden table painted silver with six white chairs around it. On the table there fresh lilies at middle. From the roof there are dark red cylindrical chandeliers hanging down shining on the table in the middle of the kitchen. The floor is made of white tiles with circular patterns. Maria gets milk and from the fridge and flour, sugar, salt, cinnamon and honey to make pancakes. She mixes the ingredients and shortly after starts frying the pancakes. You can already smell them from a distance. Twenty minutes later she is done making breakfast and sets the table. The pancakes were served with white chocolate and a glass of fruit juice. As she puts the blended juice on the table, May comes down the stairs.



She is in blue shorts and a pink t-shirt and her jazz hair flowing down on her shoulders. She has on pink leather converse. On her left hand a blue watch that blends with the outfit. She sits on one of the chairs and starts on breakfast as they talk with Maria in low tones. Shortly after May and Maria hug and bid each bye. May walks out and takes her white Lamborghini and drives off. Thirty minutes later she is at the fruit planet which is 20 kilometers from May’s house. As she packs her vehicle, May can see Emma sited on the bench outside the building with a blue plastic box with fruit salad. She walks towards Emma. Emma sees her and stands to hug her. They both sit back on the bench.

Emma: hey how are you doing ... (She asks with so much concern)

May: I’m not bad. Though it hurts still.

Emma: I am hurting too. (A tear drops from her right eye). I don’t believe he could do this. He swore he didn’t know we were friends but he cheated on both of us. (She cries painfully)

May: I couldn’t call him, he didn’t call me. Thank God he didn’t. I loved him so much Emma. He has been playing me all this time. I just couldn’t imagine it was with my best friend. I am sorry we both got played. But he loves you so much Emma. Did he apologize?

Emma: yeah he tried to apologize. But I can’t bring my heart to forgive him. He has always pretended to be a gentleman but he has just been using both of us. So all the money he has been having is from my best friend. He doesn’t even work. He doesn’t have a job May. He has been lying to me.



May: I have been hoping he will change but I should have listened to mom. He is just a parasite. He can never change. He wants something to cling on always. I gave him that thinking it was love only to realize he loved my money and my hardworking nature not me. It hurts so much. (Tears flow down endlessly and soil her sorts)

Emma: Yeah it hurts I know. How long have you dated? … (She asks with tears filling her eyes)

May: do you really want to know? Oh God. This is messed up. I have dated the guy for 3 years now. (She clenches her fist and swallows hard)

Emma: what? Three what? A whole three years? I met him a month when I came back from abroad and he told me he is single. And you have dated for three years? This is despicable. He lied to me, he looked me to my face and lied to me. He is a bastard. (There is so much range in her voice)

May: yeah three years hoping things will get better. I have fed him, clothed him, and polished him to look the way he does right now. All the while he was cheating and pretended to be an angel. Oh God I hate him. He is so smart. But not anymore. (More tears gush out and her voice is shaking out of pain and fury. Her nose is sore and pink at the tip. Her eyes are red. Her cheeks are purple)

Emma: he even had the audacity to tell me that his previous girlfriend died in a car accident. He is a mental case.



Emma’s Phone rings they look at each other. She takes out her phone and looks to see who is calling. May also stretches out to check who is calling. Emma lets her see. It is Miles calling. Emma looks at May anxiously.

May: just pick up the phone. I don’t mind. (she says wiping tears from her eyes but she keeps tearing up)

Emma picks the call and talks to Miles as May is listening.

Emma: he wants to talk. Should I tell him to come here and we both tell him off? (she covers the phone with her hand on the mouthpiece to keep off the sounds and asks may waiting to see her reaction. May looks at her and thinks for a second and nods)

May: yeah tell him. (She nods and responds)

Emma smiles maliciously from the corner of her mouth. May gives a malicious look and smiles back. They talk in low tones waiting for Milles to arrive. Ten minutes later Miles arrives in Emma’s car. He is shocked to find May with Emma. Emma and May look at him angrily. Miles tries to hug Emma but she pushes him away. May looks away.

Emma: How dare you? Who do you think you are? … (She looks at him with disgusted)

Before Miles could say anything May starts talking.

May: yeah who do you think you are? A man? A gentleman? You stink. You pretend to be Jesus but you are just the devil’s accomplice. Who sent from hell to mess us up? The devil? Mh?... (May looks so agitated and fretted at Miles)



Emma is staring at May waiting for her to finish up and she picks up. Miles is just shocked at them. He is staring not knowing what to say. He is overwhelmed with the whole situation.

Emma: you thought you were smart enough? … (She says as tears run down her face in anger) you lied to my best friend and I. you succeeded to hurt both of us. All the bests in your miserable life. You hurt both of us, you lose both of us!

May: no more luxury. No more cars. No more designer clothes. No more money for you. No more food. Back to streets dude! Back to streets. (She says with so much anger and pain). I will not miss you. I promise I will not miss you. I thank God I met. I now know how valuable I am. I deserve better not a selfish guy like you. Goodbye.

Emma: goodbye Miles. Say Hi to the devil when you go back to where you belong. You disgust me. (She gaggles and spits on the ground with disgust.)

Emma and May walk away. Emma takes the car that miles had and drives off. Miles is trying to say something but they ignore him. He looks down and sheds a tear as they both leave. May hops into her vehicle and drives off. Miles kicks the dust can outside as he

The curtain falls.


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