Scholarly Interpretation of Music

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Music and Its Characteristics

Music starts with a set of well-organized sounds. It is a form of art, primarily a cultural practice, in which sounds are orchestrated in time. The characterization is broad in that it includes many orchestrated sounds that are not music, such as speeches, animal and machine sounds.

Elements of Music

Pitch, which guides the melody and harmony of song, rhythm, which joins principles of tempo, meters, and eloquence, a dynamic, which is about the loudness and softness of the tone, and finally texture, which is the color of the music sound are all aspects of music (Meyer et al. 1). Scholars state that the problem with pitch is that all music art saw that they could be included in musical performance thus giving characteristics of important musical forms of sounds that look hopeless. If the forms of sounds are not inherent but relate to how it is received, we can identify one of the two sounds like music (Turek 2).

The Pleasure and Appeal of Music

People like music because they are idle, so music determines their strength and gladness. They also like it because the cultures recognize it in every hour of each day. Thus it touches the emotions and the thoughts.

The Functions and Effects of Music

Scholars propose that when listening to music one get fulfilled. They explain that people listen to music so that they can regulate their mood, to get self-awareness and also express it is related socially. Most people listen to music as a leisure activity.

The Origins and Purpose of Music

Music is an omnipresent friend to people's everyday lives whereby people listen to music every day to go on with life. Musical events are assumed to start in the present days, but it started back 250,000 years ago. Many scholars throughout history, for examples the philosophers, musicologists, and anthropologist have given out many theories, which entail the origin and purpose of music (Spencer et al. 2).

The Usage of Music in Daily Life

The scholars say that there was some physical evidence which is the stone craving that provided a known hoe of music in the past. Many scholars have a motive to identify many ways on how music it is used in everyday life. In the functions of music, researchers, for example, Miller argued that making music is a reasonable idea that can bring biological fitness. He further says that anyone who can make music should be strong and healthy.However, music offers a real sign of physiological fitness.

The Social and Emotional Influence of Music

Scholars also say that music makes people communicate socially and emotionally, for example Panksepp argued that we as social creatures whereby our ancestors lived in environment where the sounds .the scholars stated in their approaches that music participate in social cohesion and it has also increased the effectiveness of groups, for example, work songs, war, lullabies, and national anthem have brought together families, most groups, and the nations.

The Therapeutic and Entertainment Value of Music

Music also provides a way to reduce stress and aggression to others. The scholars proposed that music started from singing which has an intention to maintain infant-mothers so that they can give birth safely. Music is also used to help people to escape from a problem. Schubert argues that music produces happiness to the listener and the one who performs it. Music is used as a way of entertainment and innocuous during the time of work to pass the time.

Music as a Cultural Identifier and Expression

Music can use as a cultural identification whereby one can get identified regarding culture by considering the type of music he plays. It is also used to express one's personality in that when someone listens to music he can bring out his personality to people. Scholars state that the way music is accessed by anyone who has a phone has affected the way people feel, the way they think, and how they behave.

Music Beyond Boundaries

Music crosses borders of nationality, culture, and race. It raises our emotions and feelings; therefore, it is greater than language. Music can be defined as the thoughts and phenomenon of a person. The brain processes the musical emotion and describes them to a language with passion in our cultures. Scholars state that the brain forces arrangement of sounds and create new meaning in them. Researchers say that music is produced, heard and it has musical features, for example, pitch, and finally, it is listened. Some scholars argue that music does not contain sounds thus most music has rested. Researchers state that people use a lot of money to invest and they generate it from music across the world, for example, in arts, entertainment, in education, and science.

The Impact of Music on Young People

Young people spend a lot of time and money to listen to music while the technology sector put applications of playing music on multi-tasking computers. Scholars argue that music has helped in the developmental growth of young people because when they listen to music they reduce the stress, they express their emotions, and they show their personality. It helps them to grow in a healthy way throughout their lifetime (Peterson 15).

The Biological and Social Effects of Music

Scholars state that music has effects on people biologically whereby it increases our survival in the society through social cohesion it develops our skills, and it reduces our conflict. Music develops our skills in that the information they carry can help one to know some things which they did not know. Some types of music are inspiring and encouraging to young people. Music can also reduce conflict because people cannot find time to start a battle once they are busy listening to their music. Music brings peace in the society because it makes people think about themselves when they listen to it. Some types of music bring unity in the society whereby when they put in ceremonies they inspire people to get united for the development of the community.

The Social Role of Music

Music, for example, lullabies promote a social bond between the baby and the mother in that as the mother sings the songs it brings the baby closer so that he can sleep in her arms, it brings a strong bond between them through music. It promotes interpersonal relationship during the social function, for example, parties, ceremonies, and dances.Peope create schemas and stereotypes through the type of music they listen. Music encourages socialization between friends whereby they listen to the same kind of music thus making their friendship stronger. They socialize in that they hear the type of music their friends look to please them so as to make the relationship wide.

The Impact of Music on Well-Being

In conclusion, music has promoted to life and the life expectancy of people in that when they listen to music people don't get stressed, they get to have prolonged relationship, and they also develop new skills that keep their life going. Music helps people to reduce their aggression in that people do not fight thus it brings peace in the society.

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