School’s Buses Navigation System

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In the days before the Internet, long-distance navigation relied on maps, while short-distance navigation relied solely on word of mouth. Everything has been virtualized nowadays, thus maps are incorporated within web pages, are interactive, and scalable. This, however, has only worked for outside mobility. It has, however, yet to be applied to specialized systems, such as school bus navigation systems. Navigation between residences and within buildings is crucial because it allows people to contact with strangers less, who may feel pressured to talk to them or may respond in unexpected ways. In order to satisfy the needs of people of the 21st century, there is the need to come up with an app that will be cross-platform, which will be interactive and will be used to show locations of devices as well as directions of rooms within buildings, and even schedules of different places. This system targets schools. It will be used for bus navigation. Once implemented, parents will be able to see if their parents have taken buses to and from school, and may be able to interact with a school support staff, in the event of any suspicion of unwanted activity. It will also be loaded with the school timetables as well as pickup and drop schedules for students. The fact that it will be loadable onto a smartphone or tablet makes it a convenient software.


The bus navigation system will be will ease the transportation process of students to and from their houses, and is bound to reduce tension among parents as they will be able to see the real-time location of their children at any time during the journey. It will open an appropriate official channel of feedback regarding the transportation of their children.

Research Design

In order to design such a system that will be satisfactory to the expectations of the students, teachers, and parents, it is important that the separate groups be contacted before the designing process begins. It will help to integrate everything that is needed within the shortest time period. The best way to do this is through a survey, which will be conducted both online and on paper, for those who are not able to access the web due to one or more reasons.

Methods of Data Collection

The ideal methods of data collection for this quest is through the online and paper-based surveys (Starr 2). Interviews may also be used specifically when talking to the school administration and staff members who are in charge of transportation. A few parents may also be contacted to give their input, preferably from the parents’ representative association. However, this part will be conducted based on willing participants only. The survey will be conducted using open-ended and closed-ended questionnaires.

Impact of the Survey Results

This survey will be conducted for the purpose of developing the school bus navigation system. Therefore, the results will be used only for this purpose. With regards to the ethics of confidentiality, it is essential that the data obtained from the research be kept out of reach of any third party entities (Fouka and Mantzorou).

Application Development

The Application prototype will be developed based on the recommendations gathered from the summary of this survey, and a test phase allowed, where respondents will be allowed to share their views regarding the ease of usage as well as applicability.

Works Cited

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May 24, 2023


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