Self-Evaluation in Nursing Organizations

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Self-evaluation is a process by which individuals assess their progress, development and learning to determine their improvement in a given field. The process involves comparing two situations; the past and a current situation (Plakht et al. 2013). However, self-reflection is determined by the involvement of individuals regarding their efforts in a group. To attest this conclusion, we recently conducted a group project where every member of our nursing organization was supposed to participate in the research of Canadian International Health Collaborative. The purpose of participation based on improving nursing knowledge, nursing practices and professional relationship between nurses. Therefore there is a need for individuals to understand their role in any community or working sector to boost their performances and give quality results.

            Self-evaluation is an essential aspect in every step of life. However, organizations today use self-evaluation to drive success in their staffs. Anything we do in our personal life goes round in a circular life (Li, 2014). The process begins with developing an idea which then triggers consultation. The consultations then follow implementing of concluded ideas. After settling in small groups, every group member was supposed to understand their role in the group this; however was to increase the interrelationship between members.

For a long time now, nursing organizations have been practicing self-evaluation practices, mostly at the time of trainee appraisals. However, senior nursing officials have the final matters as in any other organization or department on the performance of trainees thus leading to limited success for trainees on self-evaluation.  In my belief, take self-evaluation as a chore that does not affect career opportunities in either way.  In my view, organizations should instill the sense of confidence and trust so as trainees can understand that self-evaluation is vital to every organization success. Also, staffs may feel they lack an appropriate system to judge themselves due to lack of self-evaluation system.

As discussed earlier, member’s turnover may be affected by organizations whose self-evaluation systems are adequate. In the groups, we were given opportunities to evaluate ourselves, be more accountable and learn how to take responsibilities through interactions.

Self-evaluation is the only aspect of successful results in all careers. It gives individuals the sense to accept mistakes, identify new opportunities and apply them to provide more productive results.  It can be said that the role of every member of the group was aimed at promoting professional collaboration and learn new ideas from the group exposure. It can also be said to be the reason why most people and organizations analyze for better improvement. The vast majority of people enter into the nursing profession with a goal of providing valuable service to their community.  The rigorous and a rigid occupation may not be effective without proper inter professional collaboration. We can, therefore, argue that institutions should consider employing this aspect for self-improvement. 


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October 13, 2023

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