Sex Workers as Outsiders

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I chose sex workers for my ‘outsider’ group after reading through the list of possible examples in the tutorial. It compares three terrorists from the Islamic world (Canter, Sarangi and Youngs 161). To find an external source, I consulted the internet, specifically Google Scholar where I selected an article that could be downloaded.

            I cited the article according to the MLA style and I consulted various sites to confirm my accuracy. Although there were many articles on the article, I did not find it hard to select the most relevant one since I aimed to get one that was recent and appropriate to my choice.

I read more articles on the topic to select only one article. I read the whole article to gain insights into the topic of discussion. However, I first read the abstract to gain knowledge of the topic in a brief form.

I enjoyed the task because I researched my favourite choice, cited the source as well as provided works cited page. I do not have any concerns about the current task, but I hope to be more proficient in the future when citing and providing works cited pages for different sources such as books, website pages and journal articles.

Work Cited

Canter, David, Sudhanshu Sarangi, and Donna Youngs. "Terrorists' personal constructs and their roles: A comparison of the three Islamic terrorists."Legal and Criminological Psychology 19.1 (2014): 160-178. Print.

December 12, 2023

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