Significance of College Education

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I've never been one of those kids who has always been interested in learning from a young age. I enjoyed fooling around and having a good time with my children. One of the toughest days of my life was my first day of school. My parents didn't seem to want me around them, so they had to cram me into one of the nearby daycares. I had no choice but to adjust to my new surroundings and meet new people. With time, I grew to enjoy this new environment and did not want to return home. As I continued growing up, my love for the school setting continue to blossom. I saw the school setting to a whole new level. It was not just a place to socialize, but to get education and skills that would help me later on in life. On reaching third grade, I became familiar with the education levels and how one would graduate from one level. As I advanced, it became clear what I wanted to do in life. I vowed to work hard in school so that I would get better grades that would propel me into achieving my dreams. Also, I knew I had to get into a good college for all my dreams to be actualized. Without a college education, most of what I wanted would be just, but a passing fancy.

The greatest deal about getting into college was that I would be able to learn more and grow professionally. From the moment I knew the sweetness of education, I knew that I was geared into becoming a lawyer. Of all subjects in school, I had a lot of interest in history and religious education. I could sing events chronologically, an ability which my teachers found interesting. Also, I gained interest in matters relating to oppression and freedom. I thought that if I had a chance, I could be the voice of several people who have no voice to speak for them. College education would help me gain skills and the knowledge of becoming an outstanding lawyer who would defend people’s rights. I enjoy going through various events and recordings of cases, seeing how the verdicts are made and how the involved parties are affected. One particular day as I was perusing a book of the criminal law, I came across Textbook on criminal law, by Allen (2015) which was a fascinating piece to me. It was a record of various cases including criminal defenses, mental illness, insanity defenses, criminal law and mental incompetence among several others. It was a great eye-opener to me as I never realized that even the mentally ill people could be questioned in court. Also, it helped me notice that there are various cases that the judicial may automatically dismiss due to the mental condition of the accused. Getting a college education, therefore, would enlighten me on the various procedures of making a ruling and the influences that ruling may have.

Another importance of college education would be personal financial growth and stability. I have always wanted to be able to cater for my needs on my own without making myself an obligation to someone else. One of the summers when I was in high school, I took up the job of becoming a barrister. This was one of the most fulfilling times of my life. I would buy myself clothes and even once in a while shop for groceries without asking for money from my parents. Having a financial security of your own is one of the greatest feelings ever. You do not have to keep waiting for other people to do things for you. It makes one self-dependent and makes you feel fulfilled. The popular saying that happiness manifests itself from within become a reality (Orlowsky, 2013). The ability to cater for my needs filled me with happiness and gave me a sense of self-worth.

Also, with a good income on my side, I would be able to give back to the society. There are quite a good number of individuals in the community who long to achieve their dreams but are limited by resources. I would take it upon myself to help people, especially children, get an education so that they may be independent. I would like to make someone else smile as they have been assisted in getting a step closer to achieving their dreams (Selingo, 2013). Also, it would give me a sense of fulfillment knowing that I helped someone become a productive member of the society. I would not do it to be seen rather lighten up a child and give them hope in life. I consider myself to be a fortunate person as my parents were able to provide me with the necessary environment and resources to develop and become a productive member of the society. I believe I would not hurt myself by giving a child the same opportunity I had.

All in all, a college education would help me grow professionally, socially and intellectually. I am sure my parents would look at me with pride and rejoice in having invested in my education. One should not only focus on getting an education, but also other skills that may help them as they interact with other people in life. It would be a shame for one to go to college and still be unable to create a small talk with strangers. College has various resources which I vow to take advantage of and become a productive member of the society.


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August 09, 2021

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