Skinny Pizza restaurant

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A report on a successful restaurant; Skinny Pizza. Rightly named so by its founder, and CEO Mr.Joseph Vetrano. Mr. Vetrano studied upcoming food trends particular in America, gearing towards a much healthier diet. Skinny Pizza has 3 established outlets in New York (Skinny Pizza 1).
Description of Business
The pizzeria has delicious, healthy, organic and easy recipes for those who want to make their own recipe. Their menu consists of recipes from the original Roman recipe for pizza to the easy Californian recipes (Grunes 27). The eatery places the making of healthy pizzas a priority, with local, organic ingredients, and a thin crust to target the mass numbers of people seeking to have delicious food without worry over gaining weight.
Skills Required
One has to be focused and have a high professionalism, desirably an impeccable work record. Coupled with this, is a very customer friendly layout. The staff must also be hospitable to ensure a very rememberable experience of the franchise. Skinny Pizza has quite an easy menu enabling one to quickly decide what they want (Cooknation 56).
Financial Resources Required
Considering to take this up as a business opportunity is a bit taxing, but is eventually a worthy investment. As stated on their website, one will have to part with a starting investment of 368,000 – 690,000 USD, pay franchising fees at 30,000 USD, come up with 5% worth of royalties, a 1% fee levied on brand development, Real Estate Design and Construction paid at 288,500 – 556,000 USD, fees charged on advertising at 36,000 – 75,000 (Skinny Pizza 1).
Other Terms of Interest
Skinny Pizza offers quite a wide range of mouthwatering food, to top it all off, almost everyone’s specialty; Pizza. Not just any pizza, thin-crusted pizza that is an arduous task to decline (Cooknation 55). You will quite enjoy the food without having to worry about calorie numbers and above it, stay skinny.

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August 09, 2021


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