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Social networks' functionality and accessibility have grown over time. The beneficial effects of social networking include three major points: digital media information transit is very rapid, it provides a wide range of information, and it is also less expensive. Negative comments or videos divulging secrets on Facebook other social networking sites, on the other hand, can spread in minutes, causing a company's reputation to suffer. The technology employed can also be costly to acquire. Because of its dependability, social networking has been a huge benefit to organizations, and the negative effects may be mitigated by having a good IT team to cope with the emergent issues. CIOs are responsible for how a business engages with its clients, employees, suppliers and their partners to make social communication and partnerships consistent and manageable.

Negativity from social networking can ruin the image of a company. Social media policies should be developed providing employees with clear guidance on what is acceptable or unacceptable. Also, IT organizations should closely monitor information on social media and are ready to counter the negative comments. However, ethical posture should be upheld while managing organizational behaviors. Risk assessment should be carried out regularly, and policies should be created informing employees of the company's vested interest in the use of social networking that may affect the business. Also, procedures should be established for non-business social media use.

Data protection is very crucial to a company. Data should be processed in a fairly and lawful manner and only for one or more specific legal purpose. Also, data should not be kept longer than it is needed and should be processed considering the rights of individuals. ISO provided values to CIOs are; accountability, integrity, and honor, being collaborative, ensure transparency and excellence. Adhering to these standards is very important in the general management security because the image of the company is very crucial and a skilled CIO with such outstanding values is needed.

May 17, 2023

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