social norms and values ; Gay marriage

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Gay Marriage and Societal Norms

Gay marriage is a union of two individuals who identify as the same sex. Even if marriage is legal in some nations, it is strongly frowned upon by many different cultures, religions, social mores, and races. They are condemned because they are in opposition to the sacred institutions of marriage and procreation. Gay marriages are morally abhorred because according to the bible and the Quran, marriage is only between a man and a woman (Daniel, 2010). We can comprehend the kind of interpersonal connections that society accepts by studying sociology. As a result, sociology has been useful in addressing a variety of societal issues, including gay marriage. To overcome social problems in the society such as gay marriages, a society needs to strongly uphold the social norms. Education on the need for such norms ought to be done to all generations. This will be one way of ensuring that everyone in the society is enlightened about the norms (Lake-Corral, 2016). The study of sociology on the other hand aids in guiding a common ground in that; it teaches of relationships that the society accepts. Therefore, the study of social problems and what the society accepts helps in dealing with social problems in the society.

The Role of Law

However, though culture and social norms taught play a big role in dealing with social problems such as gay marriages, there is always a need for an intervention from the law. Most of the countries practicing these social evil have had it allowed through the law (Daniel, 2010). Therefore, the law makers need to be part and parcel of helping to eradicate these social evils in the society. If the law disallows them, the citizens will avoid such social evils in respect of their laws.

Impact on Society and Culture

If social challenges like gay marriages are allowed to continue being practiced in the society, it means that social norms, cultures, and values are no longer respected. A society that fails to maintain their norms is considered rotten. These will be passed on from one generation to another. There will be discrimination in instances where some people who devalue social norms are regarded as outcasts (Lake-Corral, 2016). Some communities are prejudiced towards those practicing gay marriage. It has also led to racism in which a certain race practices gay marriage and thus the other races will be racist against them.

Individual Responsibility

Individually, one should always ensure that their actions are not violating the social norms and values. Maintaining the social norms is one way through which we respect our culture. Gay marriage is a social taboo that is not accepted both in religions and by society (Lake-Corral, 2016). Therefore, as an individual one ought to ensure that their actions are uplifting the good values that the society accepts.

Upholding Good Values in Society

Generally, gay marriages are highly condemned both religiously and by society. The study of sociology has however played an important role in ensuring that the foundation of the society is well understood. Though the society is against social evils such as gay marriage, there is the need to get support from the high office in the land through making good laws that adhere to social norms (Daniel, 2010). To uphold good values in the society, it will start with an individual understanding how to live socially good in the society. Dealing with social evil starts with having a society that upholds its values, lawmakers who support the society's values and cultures in law making.


Daniel, R. (2010). “In Best Interests of the Child”: Lesbian and Gay Parenting Custody Cases, 1967-1985. Journal of Social History, vol. 43, no.4: 7-74.

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Lake-Corral, L. T. (2016). Content and coverage of "culture" in introductory sociology textbooks. Saarbrücken, Germany :

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March 23, 2023
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