sponsors of literacy

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Literacy sponsors, according to Professor Deborah Brandt, are “local, agent, and abstract persons who help, educate, control, withhold literacy, and eventually benefit from it in different ways.” In my university experience, several literacy supporters help to run a variety of programs within the institution. First, there are the teachers or contributors to the association who help run extra-curricular activities that benefit many students, especially in debates, writing the school newsletter, and other areas of benefit. I can also consider the parents and institutional workers as literacy sponsors in my institution because they have some impact on the curriculum of various scholars (Brandt, 1998). Parents and school employees influence the lessons that students learn; they can also input passion towards the subject that students learn and this can make learners have more interest in what they do. The development of emotion in a student can change the texts students read, their literacy skill and also their writing in class work and exams. Literacy sponsors in my university are of importance because they influence what the coming generation will learn and read. Literacy sponsors affect the local areas as well as the levels of literacy of the people within the local area of my university.

Literacy sponsors are of significance to knowledge economy since they affect the use of literacy in the world of business as well as the individual world in the lives of the people they sponsor. Brandt, for instance, talks about a woman who was referred as Martha Day who lived in a farm located in Midwest (Brandt, 1998). Martha loved writing, and after becoming an adult, a newspaper manager approached her and requested her to be an editor as well as write for the newspaper. The manager assisted Martha in improving her writing skills hence becoming her literacy sponsor. The manager was of importance to Martha because he gave her ideas to get to the more substantial newspaper business and in more significant position in the newspaper business. Literacy sponsors can, therefore, help in the knowledge economy of people by helping them to advance in their investments and becoming financially stable in their business areas.


Brandt, D. (1998). Sponsors of literacy. College Composition and Communication, 49(2), 165-185.

August 09, 2021

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