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Statue of Liberty Painting by Andy Warhol

The statue of liberty is a brilliant and recognized landmark in the planet. This landmark has several alluring and fascinating aspects that consist of the hat and the torch. Apart from this, the red color of the statue is really worth mentioning as well. It plays an vital role in the portraying of the concept of liberty via this old statue. The red was once a communication of the blood that the Americans had to share to realize the dream of liberation. It is additionally a reflection of the aspiration for democracy. This served to portray the symbolic dreams of the American people. The remembrance of the blood that had to be shed in consciousness of the said freedom was a reflection of the unwavering commitment to the democratic values of the American people (Colacello, 2014).

The choice of red in Andy's art, in contrast with the cool blue helps to portray the contrasting aspects of bondage and freedom that the American people had to go through. Warhol settles for red in different intensities to help bring about the varying complexities and challenges that individuals will have to go through in the quest to realize liberation and freedom. This is clearly reflected in the concentration of red paint in the first image being concentrated. Red here means that the journey to liberty is tiresome and fatal especially at its onset.

Statue of Liberty by Andy Warhol

In conclusion, the fact that the red color is not smooth can be interpreted to mean that the road to liberation is not a smooth path, but it has to be fought. Andy Warhol gives a wise and precise description of the challenges to be witnessed in realization of liberty.


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September 11, 2021






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