Strategic Communication in the 21st Century

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From the information indicated, I have further conducted more research to determine how leaders use communication to implement an executive strategy in the 21st century. As a result of the research conducted, it is highly recommended if leaders take into consideration communicating strategically instead of communicating to employees tactically. Leaders use communication in three ways, and they include, to get informed of the current activities, create an interactive business within an organization and finally to communicate change strategy.

Communication to get informed of the current activities

Leaders who think strategically can embrace the idea of a technology-based approach. According to Argenti, (2017) explains that an organizational approach needs to involved virtual communication as well as electronic communication. The author describes that, through the utilization of the electronic email as well as video conferencing, workers are now able to perform their job effectively”(Men, 2014). Companies that can link data systems can easily understand and be informed of the current activities which are happening both within and outside the organization (Men, 2014). For that reason, it is highly recommended that ABC Company should improve on its existing processes.

Create an interactive business within an organization

It is important if communication is strategic in an organization. This is because to ensure employees understand every step of given process leaders is required to use strategic bulletin throughout. ‘Open communication is important in building trust among employees’(Men,2014).  Argenti(2017), supports this idea, explaining the concept that two-way communication is important towards making sure the intended message is conveyed to the employees. Hence, I highly recommend that it is important if interactive culture is established by simulating real-life situations, case studies, and surveying to engage employees on key issues important to the organization.

Communication as a change strategy

Most of the leaders use communication as a major strategy of explaining how the change will be implemented in an organization. Suffian et al., (2014)explains that a leader is supposed to ensure there is better and effective communication that will also involve or take into consideration all employees in the organization. Suffian et al., (2014) adds to this discussion and explains that “A big role for any leader is to communicate given information in times of change”(P.12). It is also essential for the workers to understand the rationale for change and how the process will be carried out as required. Hence, it is essential for the ABC, company to involve employees by communicating the key aspect of change and how it can be implemented effectively.

As indicated from the above, it is crucial for leaders to change from tactical to a more strategic approach to operation. Thank you for providing the opportunity for me to conduct this research.


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January 19, 2024




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