The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

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Techfite's Collaboration with NASA

Techfite deals with the production of medical devices used for the space program. They work in collaboration with NASA hence securing their systems is of top priority. There has been a growing demand for secure collaboration between the company and government agencies that need to access her information. More so there are plans for expansion implying that they will be setting up new stations hence more need for longer period data storage. The expansion also implies an increased connectivity all over the world since the are collaboration plans with other agencies in the space business. The company also has limited space for storing a log file and and above all limited budget.

Implementation of Cloud Computing Technology

My technological proposal to Techfite is the implementation of a cloud computing technology. Brand[1] defines cloud computing as a technique used to avail information technology resources on demand. In most cases, cloud computing can be rendered in three ways. The first one is software as service (SaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS) and application as a service(AaaS). The technological strengths of cloud computing include enhancing security, scalability, integrity and availability of resources such as servers, databases and applications through internet connectivity. Cloud computing is a relatively complex phenomenon which is enabled by technologies such as visualization, data centre technology, networks and internet technology[2].

Justifying Cloud Computing for Techfite

To justify why cloud computing is the way to go for Techfite, I would point issues like; cost- cloud computing entails availing computing resource on demand hence you pay for only that which is required making it more economical and efficient technique. Securing a cloud computing set up is much easier and less costly because the risks involved are mostly handled by service providers. Enhance collaboration flexibility and stability in cloud computing makes this technology the best choice for Techfite in line with future demands[2].

Cloud Computing Adoption Strategy

Cloud computing adoption strategy is made up of assessing planning adoption and optimization. First, the organization must learn what it wants and look around to be able to identify who is offering it. Customer satisfaction is important for any organization. Ensuring that consistency is service provision is very important hence this call for an early adoption strategy. Therefore it is important to learn the stability of the different packages offered by services providers[3].

Challenges in Cloud Computing Implementation

Complexity in the implementation of a cloud computing facility is at times a challenge. A study has shown that one in half of those who have adopted a cloud computing facility have failed, resistance is the major challenge[2]. In this case, most of the tasks performed by employees are handled by the cloud computing services providers. Being used to a static environment also leads to habitual inefficiency. Therefore cloud computing is a game change hence it is perceived to risk employees jobs hence creates a resistance. To overcome resistance Techfite can consider challenging obstinacy, habitual inefficiency and deploy tiger teams that will help in breaking down fiefdoms. Due to over-reliance on the internet, there is a decreased latency in case the connections are weak. In this case, this can be solved by ensuring a 99% high-speed connection[4].

Comparison with Fog Computing

A good comparison to cloud computing is fog computing unlike cloud computing fog computing allows utilization of local resources to offer IT services rather than remote access. The ability to use local resources rather than remote access that is presented in cloud computing, a fog computing facility has s decreased latency concern making it more powerful and efficient than cloud computing. But still, cloud computing is the best way to go hence I recommend throughput, a number of users impacted and invocation time as performance metrics that can be used to measure the success of cloud computing implementation [5].


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