The Advantages and Disadvantages of JavaScript and PHP

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Technology and Emerging Issues

Technology has led to many emerging issues. Some issues are crucial and help in business activities. JavaScript is one of them. JavaScript has been the most misunderstood language in programming. People view it as just a web developer toy, but in the real sense, it is a beneath layer which is simple and has powerful language features that assist in web developing. The essay explains the most appropriate time to use JavaScript or PHP and if it matters to use both as well as the importance of learning about JavaScript and PHP as a web developer.

When to Use JavaScript

JavaScript is used when handling a task that cannot be accomplished by the use of other technology (Knight). Web developers should apply JavaScript if they are managing a program that requires the use of another language which can only be done by JavaScript. A web developer can also use JavaScript in case he/she wants to modify the HTML.

When to Use PHP

PHP can be used when dealing with a task that requires additional functions that cannot be done by JavaScript alone. For example, in case the job needs to be saved from the server, image resizing is required, filling of the database in the website, PDF generation, securing of logins among others. During such instances, PHP is preferable to JavaScript.

Importance of Learning JavaScript and PHP

As a web developer, it is essential to learn about JavaScript and PHP because; it provides someone with knowledge on content insertion in the servers. The Web developer acquires skills on the difference between PHP and Java Scripts hence can easily handle any task that requires both. Knowing more about JavaScript and PHP will help the web developer increase know-how on the styling of functions in the websites.


In conclusion, the discovery of JavaScript and PHP has been of benefit in technological industries. Web designers apply Java Scripts in situations where other technologies fail. PHP is found to have more advantages in website designing due to its ability to resize pages, secure logins, among others.

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September 11, 2023

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