The Burj Khalifa Architectural Building

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The field of technological discovery has expanded, and there is so much more to come. The architectural setup never lags behind as modernization progresses. The world's most important opportunity has resulted in significant advances in structure architecture. Previously, Greek architects were well-known for their outstanding work in the construction of buildings. From kings' palaces to their dynasties, they had a talent infused with experience for developing what was considered to be the greatest at the moment. Not only the Greeks could perform better in the structure development but also other nations like Italy, Egypt where they erupted buildings to honor their kings and most of the developed countries. Since then, many nations of the world have introduced architecture as a course of study to help plan, innovate, and produce some of the unique structures that the world could need. In the construction nowadays, space is considered be the first area of interest since resource maximization is paramount. People build by conserving the space to develop buildings that can accommodate many people. Different essential structures have emerged as they save the community, offer some sorts of employment or act as pride for a region where the building is located.

In the current world, the Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic countries to mention a few are known to be the most innovate regarding structure developments. They have parted ways with the old designs and have so inflicted the ideas of construction using glasses, commonly known as the skyscrapers, a modernized technology capable of attracting the whole world to invest. From building using stone and metals to advancements like the use of glasses in today’s world, these architects need applauding for the excellent work they do. Many major cities are surrounded by towers globally. China is the leading regarding the number of the skyscrapers in the world. They are known for their hard exertion and dedication when it comes to working. The countries like Japan, Australia, and Switzerland to mention a few have also developed many skyscrapers to add to the world of growing innovators. Despite all these specified buildings, there stands to be one who is exceptional, and interestingly the most famous of all the structures in the world.

In Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Burj Khalifa stands to be unique and most famous internationally. It is the tallest and most fantastic building in the world. It has also become a center of tourist attraction globally because of its exceptional design and location. The construction of Burj Khalifa started in January 2004 and took almost five years for completion. The building is documented to have cost $1.5 billion (Rajendra 9). By 2009, the structure had been completed, and it stood where it is currently. Initially, the building was named Burj Dubai but was renamed to honor Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Abu Dhabi ruler during its opening in 2010. The Burj is a state-owned building with an aim to increase the world’s business integration.

Looking the construction and designing of the megastructure is fantastic. The architect of the tower was Adrian Smith who worked for Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) associations. The designing firm is also favorite for the development of the World Trade Center in the United States and the prominent Willis Tower. The main contractor to the building was Samsung Corporation and Technology, Arabtec, and the Besix. It was developed by the Emaar Properties who are considered some of the best developers in the world. Additionally, the Hyder Consulting Company took the role to supervise the work on the tower and through Turner Construction, the project manager, they worked to ensure they produced the most famous structure in the world. Burj Khalifa also acknowledges its position to the Bauer A. G., the head of planning in the Middle East without forgetting consultants like Bates and elevator contractor Otis.

Burj Khalifa has several critical physical contexts. Its physical characteristics are very crucial for the fame that it has so far earned. Primarily, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest existing structure in the whole world. It measures 828.8 meters which approximate to 2717 feet. The building’s stature has surpassed all current arrangements regarding the height. It broke the formerly record held by KVLY-TV mast building from North Dakota, the United States which had a height of 628.8 meters approximating to 2063 feet. From the height dimensions of the structure, the skyscraper has attracted the whole world who travel to Dubai for holidays to have a look at the magnificent building around the globe. It is also the tallest structure ever been built by man. The height has made it overtake buildings like the CN-tower, Taipei 101, and the Willis skyscraper to mention a few. Regarding the height, the tower has the most extensive vertical concrete pumping which measures more than 600 meters.

Secondly, the Burj Khalifa is the building with then mot floors ever. It was designed in a way to accommodate many levels, therefore, occupying the spaces maximally. With 211 floorboards, it broke the record in place by the World Trade Center. It has business premises and the residential areas with the same structure. The ability to hold the 211 floors means that the building was adequately designed and constructed with the modern technologies. It is sturdy, and above all, the architect of the building must have had a lot of experience in coming up with such a design of a building.

Burj Khalifa is well known for the plumbing systems within the building. Physically, the structure accommodates the fitted plumbing designs which supply an average of 950,000 liters of water every day. The capacity approximates to 250,000 gallons of water daily which is spread almost over 62 miles around it through pipes (Martin 50). Additionally, some plumbing was done to serve as fire emergency system which stretches to more than 210 kilometers. The surplus water system uses gravity to release water from sanitation floors and connects to the municipal sewer to avoid the congestion.

The other critical physical feature of the building is the air conditioning techniques and how they were structured. The Voltas provide the air conditioning. The system draws air from the floors above where there is cleaner and fresher air and diverts it to the levels below them. The supply continues, in the same way, to enable the building to be conducive to the business at any time of the day. Since the building has a 24-hour economy, the need to control air was mandatory, failure to which the most people would complain hence, making it difficult for the business to assist in thriving industries. At the ultimate cooling spells, the tower was designed to lower the cooling corresponding to 26000000 pounds of melting ice. It illustrates how the company has fitted structures which aimed to safeguard the interests of the stakeholders to make Dubai great. The water from the air conditioning techniques is collected through condensate system of collection and applied in the park irrigation.

Moreover, the window cleaning techniques are one of the features which make Burj Khalifa unique in the world. The total number of windows approximates to 24348 which can cause physical cleaning very impossible. Within the building, three horizontal tracks exist. Each of them holds 1500 kilograms of bucket machine which applies the traditionally used cradles to clean windows. Machines wash most of the tiers in the building which include the glass spire. The development of the system of cleaning originated from Australia under the company named CoxGomyl, an organization which manufactures structure maintenance units. How the system operates makes the physical context of the building to be more attractive as cleaning remains less intensive.

The building relates to a series of elevator systems which are responsible for the quick transfer of people and goods from a place to another. In the building, a total of 8 escalators and 57 elevators were installed with each designated to carry 12 to 14 individuals in each cabin. The lifting systems are the third-fastest in the world with a speed of 36 kilometers per hour. Inside the building, there is a chart illustrating where an individual lift designates to go. They are numbered to make it easier for newcomers to trace when given directions on how to adventure the building. With such a large structure, failure to label the lifts might make some people forget and get themselves on a wrong floor hence could be time wastage. The building planning, designing, and the construction together with its finishing was an adequate thought process and well-structured to come up with such a superb tower that the whole world admires. Some of the elevators have restricted access as they head to the security measure points of the building like the fire assembly areas and the control check regions of the building. The speed of the elevators is good as it reduces congestion among people who use them for purposes of business and tourism. Therefore, the structure of the elevators and the escalators make the building very special when architecture is concerned. It makes the planners aware of specific areas to strengthen when they have an opportunity to develop a structure.

The surrounding site of Burj Khalifa is impressive. Several key features encircle it, some natural and others are human-made. The Dubai Fountain is of the exciting features that encompass the Burj. The artificial fountain cost more than $217 million to build. It has thousands of illuminations and several tinted projectors. The spray is 270 meters long and can shoot water 500 feet into the atmosphere. The cascade ranks second largest choreographed spout in the world and is enriched with both society and Arabic Music. The fountain gives the Burj an impressive inclination and an exciting view. When people tour these regions, they mostly go the place and watch the beautiful creation by humans.

Furthermore, the Burj Khalifa Park is 27 acres of land and designed by SWA group, famous landscape architects. The park has a desert flower which is significant to make the park more attractive. Water rooms exist at the midpoint of the park with water jets and pool fountains. The watering of plants is through a collection of condensed water by the system’s cooling process. The park makes the building look good and is also a target for foreigners who consider it a tourist attraction center. When people are free, they most tour the place to refresh themselves and break the boredom they might have.

The Burj Khalifa building relates to its context. Firstly, the structure was instituted for commercial purposes and has so far acted as a home for many business corporations. The United Arab Emirates’s economy has grown from its establishment. Secondly, the surrounding features are magnificent, and so is the Burj. When tourists explore Dubai, they get to see humans are innovative to come up with the beautiful scenery they most enjoy. Moreover, the presence of several escalators and the elevator systems is an indication that the structure aimed to assist many people and it has so affected its objective. Many people in the world enjoy seeing the architectural design with its surroundings making them appreciate people’s talents and modernizations. Finally, the structure is part of a broader set of building relationships. It accommodates both business and residential areas indicating that it purposely supports various activities. Regarding business, Burj is well known for dealing with standardized items and some of the top corporates in the United Arab Emirates.

The significance of Burj Khalifa emerges even in the typical setup. Dubai is ambitious to expand its base to become an international destination. Many people travel to the city to explore the structures and break the boredom when on vacations. The tower is significant in that it acts as a refreshment destination to people hence, making them relax and forget their worries. As part of leisure, the building with its surrounding architectural designs gives the tourists a perfect relaxation as they wait to continue with their duties later.

Additionally, the building is significant in that it has business premises within the edifice which have employed both local and international population (Baker et al. 48). It has enabled people to earn to improve their lifestyles. Employment opportunities empower individuals to live better lives and support their families as a process to reduce poverty. Its significance is also visible in the tourism sector where hotels established around the place are an attraction for the local population to get employed. As a result, Burj has benefitted not only the government but also the individuals who can have better lives because of what the structure and its surroundings brought. The structure acts as a residential as well as a corporate premise. The action as housing has influenced people’s lives. It has enabled security of the people living in there. Many people who travel to Dubai and are newcomers may get assistance from the private places.

The Arabic culture is exposed to other countries through the Burj Khalifa building. As people come to tour the magnificent structure, they interact and share ideas together. The Arabic people have also been able to borrow some of the lifestyles associated with other people from other regions. The interaction of people is a right way of uniting. When people combine, they can achieve better results. Burj Khalifa has been significant for enabling the exchange of culture among individuals. In various employments, the companies recruit both locals and internationals, therefore, integrating persons irrespective of religion or culture. The more compact a society is, the better ways it should achieve the desired success. Through sharing of information, people get ideas on means to relate to others, how to respect other people’s culture and may also get tips on how to start successive businesses. If not for the structure, many people would have lived jobless, and their lives would have never improved when employment is available.

The improvement in social amenities is a social significance associated with the structure. ( the building developed, many people traveled to Dubai for better lifestyles. Investors in various sectors of education, medical care, and leisure had to work to reach the demands that would be required for the people. As a result, many schools, hospitals, and relaxation places increases within Burj. The education of the Middle East has since hit the headlines, and there is no doubt about the medical care facilities in Dubai. Therefore, the construction of the building led to many people migrating to the United Arab Emirates and hence improved the social amenities. Employment as teachers, doctors, and attendants are still some of the social impacts that the building brought with it and are mostly optimistic influences

In people’s lives, the Burj Khalifa is likely to increase more employment as more corporates continue to establish themselves on the premise. When it occurs, there is an expectation that workers will live happier and improved lives. They will be able to earn for sustenance to make them receive better services that are chargeable. Concerning education, there is a projection that with the growth of the Dubai economy, very modern schools will come up to affect the learning and there is hopeful that the future education in the United Arab Emirates will stand to be one of the best in the world. With improved knowledge, the large population dependent on oil will have a variety of options to choose. The health sector will continue growing because Dubai has been marked globally as an international destination.

According to Stacy, “The building of Burj Khalifa has effects on the lives of the architects today.” Firstly, the designers have realized their potentials in developing marvelous structures in the world. It gives them hope and a sense of self-confidence in their future works. When they understand their capabilities, they can improve on them on the real practice. Just like the architect who built the Burj, they will have hope to one day surpass whatever he did. Secondly, the architects have experienced a significant challenge. It means that to have a building with a world record; then they must exceed the 828-meter-tall building in Dubai. They live to know that they have a task in front of them to continue with more innovations to produce more elegant structures than the Burj Khalifa which stands to be the tallest in the world currently.

Many people are pleased with the construction of Burj Khalifa. They have so far appreciated the efforts, skills, and the innovative ways used by the designers to come up with the structure. On their acknowledgment, most of them travel to Dubai to tour the magnificent structure when on vacations. The cultural events relating to the building is the busy hotel where the Arabic foods are prepared and sold. Moreover, the Arabic music plays mostly to appreciate the locals.

In conclusion, architecture has helped the world in the development of the most attractive buildings, bridges, roads, and several structures that require designing. Several countries have divulged into the construction of modernized premises which are well equipped to foster business both locally and globally. The gratitude for any form of a building must grant to the architects for they enable what we admire today. As discussed, Burj Khalifa building owes the recognition to the designer for well-planned structure. As it stands, it the tallest building in the world with most beautiful features to its surrounding. It offers both residential and corporate services. The principal advantage of the structure is that it has enabled the United Arab Emirates to garner resources. Burj exists as a state-owned building. Hence, the government gets revenue from the leasing of rooms for both business and residential purposes. Currently, people talk about the building and admire the work behind it. Others travel from far nations to come and see the structure. Its availability has helped and will continue supporting the economy of the state. It is also projected that social amenities will improve as tourists, both local and internationals continue their voyages for the Burj. As architects, we get challenged by the skyscraper designer that we need to produce more than that to get the fame required. Everyone who took part in the building did a commendable work to construct the tallest building in the world.

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