The causes of not getting a job for disabled people

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Employers do not like the thought of recruiting people with disabilities, but many do not offer real excuses for not hiring them. There are many great people working with disabilities, but they find it very daunting to get work. Businesses dread the possible expense of caring for this community, such as paying for their housing, having special services, such as chairs, and other things to support staff living with disabilities (Henry 237). People with disabilities find it difficult to get job opportunities because workers dread the expense of recruiting and extra supervision, the lack of productivity and the fear of being trapped forever. People living with disabilities find it difficult to get jobs despite being qualified since employers fear the cost incurred when hiring them. Some of the costs that business owners fear incurring include accommodation for the employees and special facilities for them. For instance, employers have to ensure that the buildings are constructed in a manner that allows movement of everyone including those with physical challenges (Henry 238). The stair cases should be in such a way that people with disabilities can use wheel chairs for ease of movement. Therefore, several employers fear that they may be forced to spend millions of dollars to meet the standards set by the American Disabilities Act created in 1995 if they employ people with disabilities. This shows that there is a knowledge gap such that business owners do not understand that they will not need to spend funds on accommodations for the groups.

Another reason is the fear the employers have concerning supervision and loss of productivity after employing people with disabilities. They think that a person with some form of disability such as hearing or visual will not be as productive as other workers ]and may need constant supervision. However, this may not be the case since persons living with disabilities are well trained to handle their jobs. The employer thinks that the supervisors will waste time giving directions to them instead of doing other assigned duties (Corr McEvoy and Keenan 222). The employers also feel that the productivity of employees with disabilities will be low affecting business performance. This makes them opt for those without any form of disabilities since they think that they will offer better services compared to workers with any form of disability.

Workers with disabilities also find it difficult to get jobs since employers feel that they may be stuck for a long time. For instance, if the employee is unable to deliver to the expectations of the employers, the latter may fear that they may be required to keep on paying a substandard workers (Burke 21). Another feeling is that people with disabilities are highly protected by the government and other human rights groups. Consequently, employers will not be able to terminate their services in case they record poor performance in the organizations they will be working for. Hirers will prefer employing very few workers with disabilities or none to safe them the challenge of dealing with poor performance.

People living with disabilities find it very difficult to secure jobs since employers have different fears associated with such employees. However, businesspersons need to understand that the candidates are always trained and ready to work. They should also know that disability is not inability and thus people suffering from different kinds of disabilities are very capable and highly talented.

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October 12, 2022

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