The Causes of the Civil War

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During the civil war

The South (Confederacy) employed defensive tactics in managing the conflict. They intended to bring the enemy into the Southern territory, which was entirely unfamiliar to the Northerners and made them exhausted. The South also had support from Europe, which was a plus for them as they used these strong diplomatic ties to attain a proper balance during the war (Donald 21-34). Through their defensive tactics, they avoided large engagements and wastage of resources as they only attacked in retaliation. In the war, the South used up the least amount of money to fund the war in as much as they had support from external powers. Countries such as Britain were in support of their idea and would occasionally provide funds and supplies in exchange for cotton, of which the South had plenty.

At the war front

The South managed to create a formidable resistance since its armies showed better organization and spent less, all while having fewer worries about their sources of funding for the war. On the other hand, the North had impeccable industrial influence at the time. At the start of this war, the South only had a ninth of the industrial capacity of the Union, which meant that the North was in total control of physical resources in this period (Brinkley 32-45). The North brought up most businesses that were set up during this era as they had more connections and funds coming from their ideal business relations. Northerners were in control of the sea, which meant that they had the navy on their side. This was a sign of the North's strength since they had a competitive advantage regarding personnel and skill in the war.

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November 24, 2023

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