The Characteristics of A Good Dog

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Dogs as Pets

Dogs are arguably the best pets to have both in and outside our homes. Just like humans, different dogs have different personalities and depending on your home setting; dog personalities have a huge role in determining if a particular dog breed is fit for you (Cavanaugh et al., 470). For first-time dog owners who have their hearts set on getting a dog, it will be an easy job if you already know the dog characteristics compatible with your needs.

Characteristics of a Good Dog

A great dog will exhibit affectionate with family members and friends. Whether it be just you alone or a large family with babies and teenagers, a good dog will always be loving towards everyone living in that household. Dogs do also have the ability to know the regular friends who are still coming to your place and develop some relationship towards them too.

Adaptability with spaces is a characteristic to consider depending on your living space. If you are continually moving from apartments, a sizeable dog will be better as compared to the bigger dog breeds that require yards and larger areas to exercise.

A good dog is one that is also obedient and easy to train (Fugazza, Claudia and Miklosi, 147). As much as people prefer getting puppies to raise from when they are still small, they can sometimes stretch your patience limit when teaching them, especially at the "chew everything" teething stage (Wang, Chuanhao and Liu, 9). This training is the reason why people overlook the adorable nature of puppies to settle for slightly older dogs that are easy to train.


Dogs should be accorded a lot of respect as they have continued to contribute significantly to happiness in society in general (MacKay et al., 433). Different police units use dogs for security to sniff out bombs, weapons, and drugs. Dogs are also used in rescue operations and guiding the blind, and yet the only thing we can repay them with is to show them kindness.

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August 14, 2023
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