The Conflict of Interest of Journalists

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It offers a different insight into the ethical considerations employed in crucial decision making. The conflict of interest of journalists airing the truth and that of the executive team, owners of CBS, maintaining a good rapport with the federal government provides the development of the plot. The decision by the CBS executive to investigate its journalist who is out to report the truth to the public about critical information concerning the president is the central focus of the conflict (Vanderbilt,2015). The society of professional journalists (SPJ) postulates that the first primary ethical conduct is to seek the truth and report it. Though the information the journalist is about to release to the public on Bush’s military service documents, is very critical, it is ethical for the journalist to enlighten the public on such relevant information. The manipulation informs the decision from the government, and hence the CBS executive did not act independently as per the society of professional journalist’s code of ethics.

             Apart from the decision by CBS to investigate its journalists, another theme in the movie is the pressure that stems from competition. The competition to remain one of the most watched by viewers at a time when their company was in the middle of a controversy. According to the SPJ code of ethics despite the controversy rocking journalists it is apt to remain accountable and transparent (Sam Allard, 2015). The journalists can do so by acting in fairness, accuracy, and clarity. Additionally, the theme of competition comes in the movie when the executive attempts to observe a rapport with the government of the day to remain on top of the rest of other firms. It is against the society of professional journalists for media personalities and even firms to be manipulated.


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September 11, 2023

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