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A German proverb of the medieval period states: "The city air will set you free."What did cities offer to medieval Europeans? Did they truly set Europeans free?

The cities offered the medieval Europeans freedom and prosperity. The cities prospered as a result of an increase in trade, technological advancement, and agricultural surplus. As people gained control over their lives, the cities too continued to win the rights for themselves (Smith 218). For instance, they could hold markets, coin their currency, and create measures and weights (Smith 219). Therefore, in my view, the Europeans were set free because they got the autonomy to run their economy and develop independent institutions which aided the transformation of northern Europe into a great economic region.

"The Gothic cathedral was the supreme accomplishment of the High Middle Ages world." Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

I agree with this statement. The reason is that the Gothic cathedral had architectural wonders meeting both the functionality and aesthetic attributes. Its widespread in Europe supports the supremacy achievement. For example, between 1150 and 1280, eighty cathedrals were constructed in France alone (Sharpes 123). Various functions such as schooling, worshiping, and religious festivals took place in the cathedrals. No constructions had ever served a combination of all these services. Consequently, Gothic cathedral is the supreme accomplishment in the High Middle Age because of its architectural wonders, the capacity, and purposes it served.

The Crusades have been called "successful failures." In your opinion, why is this statement true?

The reason why this statement is true is that the Crusades conquered the Muslims and took the over the holy city, Jerusalem. The Crusaders then founded their states in the region. However, after a while, the Muslims did strike back. In all the following attempts the, the Crusades failed; thus, the name "successful failures." Successful because the first Crusades were victorious, but the rest failed.

Briefly explain intolerance in the thirteenth century. What groups were singled out for attack? Why were they attacked? Do you think intolerance works the same way today?

In the thirteenth century, heresy arose. People began to search for religious experience. The church authorities got alarmed, and they could not stand the different views. Cathar was the main group singled out and persecuted. The group believed in dualism system whereby good and evil were considered distinct and separate (Spielvogel 288). Since the Catholic Church was a materialistic church, the Cathars considered it evil. The Catholic Church, for this reason, began persecuting them. Relapsed heretics did penance and then turned over to the authorities for execution (Spielvogel 289). Jews is another community that suffered during this intolerance period. I do not think intolerance work the same way today because the world is more civilized than it was in the 13th century. Today, we have the organizations and courts which offer justice and protect human rights.

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November 24, 2023

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