The Dominos Marketing

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After an in-depth analysis of the dominos pizza’ case, there is need to point out that company’s current ads are not doing enough to get the much-needed customers of the firm. The company is focusing more on the technology and ease of service delivery, while the market is tilting towards the need for healthy products. Hence there is a need for dominos to do more in assuring its client base that the firm is giving more considerations to their health requirement.

Pizza Hut is one of American's chains of restaurants; it was founded in 1957 with a primary menu of pasta and pizza. It is one of the American biggest companies and hence by implication it is one of the American biggest companies and hence by implication it is one of the biggest firms in the world, (Glazyrin et al. 2017). The company operates about 16000 outlets worldwide, with an average per unit sales of $ 740,000, (Dollars 2016). Although the company is not the current market leader, it constitutes a level of threat to dominos and the likes.

There is need to point out the SWOT analysis of dominos. The company’s strength includes long existence in the market, an understanding of the market and current high financial status among competitors. Its weakness consists of the current inability to convincingly meet the health requirement of customers. The opportunities available of dominos include a massive market base for pizza product in American. The company can take more proportion of the available $40bn pizza market. The threats to the continued profitability of dominos include the continuously changing customer requirements and increased new market entrants, (Marmo, 2017).

To move towards greater profitability, there is a need for the understanding the current market situation, a couple of actions are required on the part of dominos. Based on the case study, it was apparent the market is changing its requirement. Therefore dominos should ensure that it understands the current needs of customers, i.e., healthy menus. Include more healthy products on its menus and adopt integrated promotion strategies to inform members of the public about the availability of such menus, (Chen et al. 2016).


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May 02, 2023

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