The dream O'Brien talks about in the first chapter tells a number of things about the soldiers

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The dream O'Brien describes in the first chapter reveals a lot of details about the troops. One thing is that the soldiers missed their families. And if they had their necessities, it wasn't the same as it would have been if they were at college. They brought some precious items or good luck charms with them so they could feel at ease. The narrator describes some of the items they bear, such as a thumb, drugs, photos, and knives, among other things. Another detail the dream reveals about the soldiers is that they are normal people with emotions much like anyone else. They were young men who would have loved to fall in love and be near their loved ones. Another thing the dream brings out about the soldiers is that they were scared sometimes. The situations they found themselves in made them scared at times and they would often act as if they were not going to make it but after a shootout they would crack jokes and encourage each other to move on swiftly. The dream also brings out the fact that the soldiers cared about each other. This is well illustrated when one of them is shot dead and they are all filled with emotions and sadness. They gather around each other until the body of their fallen soldier is collected. The soldiers are also portrayed to be hard working and fearless. They also miss being in a normal environment where they do not have to watch their backs or be involved in shootouts that could have them killed. They long for days when they will leave the war and go back home to the comfort of their homes.

May 12, 2022

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