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The Essential Learning Edition of America

The Treaty of Versailles brought the First World War to a close. The agreement did, however, blame the Germans for the widespread deaths and loss of property during the battle. They were unable to compensate, though, because Germany was in the midst of economic depression in 1920. In 1933, the Germans voted for Hitler, who promised to unite the country and restore Germany. He was also tasked with defending the Germans from the pact. He began recruiting army forces in readiness for combat. Nazis and Hitler rose to protect Germans from Jews, socialists, and leftists (Shi et al., 871). Therefore, Germans led to the outbreak of the Second World War due to militarization, invasions and wars against other states and communities led by the Nazi and Adolf Hitler.

Besides, Hitler formed a group called Nazi whose leaders were to persecute, murder and kill the inferior races and the Jews. He demanded land in parts of Czechoslovakia which were occupied by many Germans. In 1935, Germany had already a large troop to carry out invasions (Shi et al., 872). Hitler sends a group of armed thirty-five thousand soldiers to Rhineland, and eventually, the people accepted his actions. Also, in 1939, Germany invaded Poland from all directions with the aim of clearing a path to conquer the Soviet Union (Shi et al., 874). Hitler ordered his military to kill people with The Polish language, and finally, the Poland army admitted defeat. The Germans also planned to invade Great Britain. As a matter of fact, Nazis killed many civilians and destroyed main Britain cities (Shi et al., 879).


In brief, the rise of Germans through Hitler led to the Second World War. Hitler’s recruitment of large troops and deadly weapons increased tension which resulted in war. Hitler invaded many nations in Europe. Hitler's power was growing since his army registered more than five million soldiers armed with superior weapons (Shi et al., 878). In fact, Hitler controlled nearly all Europe. The Germany submarines destroyed ships which headed to Great Britain from America. Consequently, the British and American leaders declared war against the rising Hitler’s and Nazis rule (Shi et al., 912). They began to produce weapons, and they tightened their military troops in preparation for war.

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October 07, 2021

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