The Four Frames of Colorblind Racism

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Racism is a vice that has been present in society for many years. Although measures have been put in place to curb racism, it remains a threat to development. It involves undermining a certain race by another group usually the majority. Bonilla-Silva discusses racism in America using the four frames of colorblind racism. These frames include abstract liberalism, naturalization of personal preferences, cultural racism and the minimization frame.

            Abstract liberalism involves the majority seeing to it that the minority can access equal access to various needs such as education, food, and employment. The majority encourage the minority that they can reach their goals without any special support such as affirmative action. According to (Bonilla-Silva, 2013, p. 28), abstract liberalism involves ignoring state-sponsored practices and working of the minority to reach their goals. The second frame is naturalization of personal preferences which involves the dominant group justifying racial differences as if they are natural occurrences. For example, where you are born determines where you will go to school. Everyone should be at liberty to choose a free society.

            The third frame is cultural racism which explains the minority group’s socio-economic standing. Here, the dominant group tends to criticize the actions of the minority that may have led to their failure. It criticizes minority groups regarding, for instance, dysfunctional cultural and family values. The final frame is a minimization frame, and this specifies why colorblind racism is institutionalized. Minimization frame echoes abstract racism’s concept. If people would be more colorblind, then society would be so peaceful and better off.

            These four frames can be applied to society to try and stop racism. The issue of being colorblind, for instance, would help put racism at bay. Also, seeing being born in a place as natural would be a big step towards reducing racism. Abstract liberalism if practiced would bring about equal access to social amenities to all. Everyone in society would have an equal chance. The majority encouraging the minority would bring unity and harmony in the society. All these, when applied, would enhance unity and enable a racism-free society.

Work cited.

Bonilla-Silva, Eduardo. "The structure of racism in color-blind,“post-racial” America."             (2015): 1358-1376.

September 25, 2023



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